Samstag, Juni 3

8:50 PM Who doesn't love art? Even if one doesn't know a thing about it, it can sometimes make your day. Today, when I got to work, I sat in the train reading my art to me a girl who also read an art book. While I only studied the biography of a famous artist, this girl was getting to know the worlds of arts. I looked at her book for a little bit and I was super impressed how intense she was starring at these images. I had to smile.
If you are an artist and you touch the people just like that, you really made it.
This is how I feel about today's artist which I want to present to you in today's #BookClub. Ready for Ben Frost? I hope so!

If you like Pop Art, then you will love this guy! If you don't know about Pop Art, get to know this kind of art through him! This Australian crazy guy is drawing the coolest things on old packages and I can't even say in words how much I love his work. I mean just think about the idea of drawing on older things... The Motives he chooses are known from our childhoods and we can all relate to his work somehow. It's creative, it's colorful, and it's so fresh! This is exactly what I Need right now!

If you want to get to know more about Ben Frost, make sure to check out his Instagram with all the important facts you need to know!

Are you a fan now, too?
Happy Weekend to all of you!

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