5:58 PM Oh boy, I love, love, love, love coffee. I actually have my special days during the week, where I enjoy a cup of coffee (I can't have it every day), so I enjoy it even more when the special days happen.
Last year, I tried a couple of new coffee ideas to spice up my usual coffee habits...I showed you some things here and here.
This year, I wanted to continue with this, but somehow nothing is really intriguing me. One day, when I was working out, I treated myself with a protein smoothie - my usual routine.
During my smoothie, I suddenly got coffee cravings and I dreamed of a sweet iced coffee instead. Can you put coffee in a protein shake and just combine all the good stuff together?
I wasn't sure, but I knew I will test it the next day.

So here I was, mixing my usual workout smoothie while brewing my coffee. I was super excited to try this mix, since I finally had the chance to get Starbucks' new espresso cups. Since I drink coffee via my Nespresso machine, I was only able to use Nespresso cups - not anymore (yey).
After hearing the news, I went to Starbucks to test diverse flavors before I invest in something which I might not like (I wasn't sure). I decided to go with Guatemala Antigua which tasted soooo good! This blend is a medium roast and it also has lime, chocolate and spicy aromas in it - my perfect idea of  a coffee!

I brew my coffee and my smoothie was also ready. Can I really combine those two? I wasn't sure and I felt like I was wasting things if I mix them together! But since I wanted to test this, I had to be brave - I joined them to one drink and threw some ice in it.

What is this?

My first thought was that this can't work out. "This is absolutely not good." My brain told me to stop drinking this when I actually realized HOW GOOD IT WAS. I know what you think while browsing through the ingredients: banana, coffee, protein powder, oats...Ewww.

Let me tell you this. No time for breakfast and you are pretty active? Drink this! A silky coffee flavor with all the protein and energy you need in the early mornings!

*I used my own protein powder in this recipe which includes cocoa so my smoothie has an extra mocha flavor. If you use vanilla protein powder, for example, your smoothie might taste a bit different.


YOU NEED 1 banana + 120ml fresh brewed coffee + 120ml almond milk + 1/4 Cup oats + 1 tablespoon protein powder (recipe here+ 2 tablespoons cocoa + extra ice

1. Brew your coffee first. The stronger the coffee, the more you will taste it in your smoothie. After you prepared it, let it cool down so you can mix it with the other ingredients.
2. Cut the banana and and measure the rest. Put everything in your blender and mix it until smooth.
3. Taste it and add more cocoa or honey if you like it super sweet.
4. Add ice if you like it super cold and enjoy it ~

That's it. Super easy and super yummy!
Go ahead and mix your own coffee protein smoothie! Tell me if you like it and ESPECIALLY what kind of coffee you use! I can't wait to hear from you!

Happy Sunday ~