11:16 AM Let’s welcome this new week with a big hug. A hug dedicated to Mother Nature – yes, yes, it’s World Environment Day today. “So what”, may some think of you. Others will be happy while reading my words… just because I dedicate some time on an important topic.

My personal history is that the older I get, the more I feel connected to the outside world and important issues which happen on this planet. I ignored facts and general interest in Mother Nature when I was young – maybe I was too lazy, maybe I didn’t care… All of a sudden it hit me and I realized how much our planet, nature and wild life is suffering. One starts thinking about ones own lifestyle and why certain things happen that way. This is how I got connected with my dear ocean issue.

Due to running and my healthier lifestyle, I started to spend more time outside. More forests, running by the lake or riverside and just enjoy the green scenery – how can we threat this beauty so much? There must be more educational work be done about this serious issue.

As a writer, I take this year (better late than never) to speak to you with an open and motivated heart:

Let’s start to change some things! Let’s go this way together and I promise we will go step by step. We have to start now, take action and inspire each other.

The problem which always comes along is the question of how to get started. So many people feel inspired and they want to change something, but they don’t know how. If you reached this emotional state, don’t quit – keep going. There is a lot you can do.

For this year’s World Environment Day the motto is #WithNature – so how can you be with nature?

1. Spend today outside. After breakfast go for a run in a green scenery where you can observe Mother Nature blooming, or go hiking and hit the trails. Call your friend and ask if he/she would like to bike ride with you somewhere – there is a lot of activity you can do outside!
2. You want to go somewhere really close today… do you really need the car? How about walking or biking there? Let your car rest for a day and let Mother Nature breathe.
3. If you have kids…bring them outside – let them connect with nature. Show them insects, play with them in parks, introduce them to wild life and all the elements you can find outside. Make sure to teach your kids while they are young – I wish I would have had that kind of approach that I’m having right now.
4. If you don’t know how to help or get active when it comes to this issue, make sure to check if your city has a “green community”. Maybe there are clubs or events happening in your city which take care of your city’s environment: clean-ups, exploring tours, collect garbage, fundraises, and much more. Volunteering is always a good idea!
5. Green up your household. Bring some flowers home and decorate your apartment or house with beautiful green highlights. If you don’t have a green thumb, don’t worry, test it step by step – there are easy plants which any lazy person can take care of (e.g. cactus, aloe vera,..). The more green you bring to your home, the more healthier is the air and atmosphere for you.
6. Thinking about bringing more green to your home – have you ever thought of gardening or taking care of your own food? My mom was always planting her own tomatoes and I was amazed how much she loved it. I’m actually a lazy bug, but this year I started growing my own stuff as well. I started with spinach and salad and I have to say that this was the best decision ever! My spinach tastes so much better and it was freaking cheap! Save money and eat things you know a lot about (since you take care of them). I don’t have a garden, I use my balcony as a garden, but don’t worry, any urban dweller can also pretend to be a farmer. How about having fresh herbs at home? This is also a fun thing to do with kids…
7. Reduce your plastic lifestyle. We all have to help our dear oceans and especially marine life. Without the oceans, we can’t survive. Plastic trash is polluting our oceans, but also beaches, parks and other places. We need to give back and not increase the pollution with our ignorance and laziness.

What do you think? Those points above make sense, right?
Think about my words and talk with your friends and loved ones. Maybe you will find inspiration while exchanging – start a project or change your lifestyles together. There are many possibilities to start acting… I hope you enjoy Mother Nature today. Give her a big hug and say THANK YOU.

What are you doing #withnature today?