4:03 PM We all know those times (especially when it's so warm outside)...working out and sweating even more than we already do - who wants that?
While some enjoy working out when the warmer season hits us, others refuse to move and wait until the days get cooler again.

What I learned is to always stick to my rhythm - season change doesn't mean to stop, it means keep going. Of Course I got days as well, where I feel like I don't want to move, but for that I did my own motivational posters. Hanging up bikini pictures at my fridge or looking at skinny models all day long doesn't really help me.

I created posters which kick my ass when I look at them: I remember why I hustle so much and how good my body feels afterwards.

I do this only for myself and my health, so with these little helpers here I can reach my goals and never loose focus.

If you happen to experience the same ups and downs, maybe you need my motivational posters as well! Head over here to purchase the digital file which you can print out then or just use it as a desktop image - it's up to you.

I actually wanted to give those out for free, but the time has come to change some things. I am freelancing so much: from my photography to my illustrations, mixes - everything I do here is for free. In today's time, freelancing can't be free anymore! There's so much time I spent in front of my laptop...a couple of $ are just right to honor or respect my work, plus I will also donate 1$ of each purchase to charity - so it all happens for a reason! I hope you understand that!

Take a look at my poster ideas here again and if you happen to have any further questions, feel free to holla at me! Thank you, lovebirds, and happy working out to you ~