8:17 AM Good morning on a cloudy Tuesday morning! Drink a tea or coffee and get comfortable...maybe you are breakfasting right now: this is the perfect post to motivate and accompany you this morning. It's time for a new "Tuesday Talk".

While I really enjoy interviewing my friends, it's also cool to get to know new people and learn from soulmates all over the world! I'm lucky - for today's feature, I found someone who doesn't live too far away from me. Today we explore (again) Munich's active scene!
I'm a runner, you know it and you also know my passion for it - but what else is out there? A LOT! Too many sports which have to be discovered! Susanne is the perfect example for a strong and sexy female who is enjoying cycling - a sport which should be pushed more! I'm curious to know more! How about you?

Susanne, tell us who you are. I'm Susanne, 28 years old, I live in Munich, and I am an event manager and communication designer. After my studies, I worked as a designer, both freelancing and being employed. At my last stop as a product designer, I started to develop my passion for product design, materials, and their handling.

How did your love story with cycling start? Since my birthday is in December, my boyfriend Patrick gifted me a bike for Christmas and my birthday 3 years ago.

Tell us how your equipment looks like. My equipment...no colors, haha. I love black! My black Canyon Aeroad, my black ASSOS Bib short, my black ASSOS Jersey, and my black Giro Empire. Like they say...you don't have to be fast, but look fast ;)

How does a usual day of yours look like? I wake up at 7 and take my Boxer baby Lorenz out for an 1,5h walk outside of the city. After that, I work on my computer until noon. If I happen to find or already have someone who watches Lorenz, I can jump on my bike and enjoy a two hour ride. During the winter months, it was easier for me to do that right at home, so I can work out and watch my dog at the same time. Afterwards, I take a little walk and head back to my desk where I collect ideas for new collections and flash collections. Otherwise, I put together my moodboards and I start drawing or crafting which I enjoy to do a lot...staying away fromt the digital things and appreciating anything analog.

How do you stay motivated? The analog process is giving me the motivation. I love to mix colors, cut out things, and just get started while I'm listening to music. I listen deep inside of me to understand what's on my mind, what's inspiring me, and then I start right away. For instance, I collect a lot of paper which has intriguing structures; may it be a shiny finish or just a great color...this could also be anything which has a great shape or it convinces me with its simple beauty.
Fetching them out, combining or reinterpreting those things all over again is motivating me.

Is there a workout motto or do you go by just do it? For Anna: NO PAIN NO GAIN <3 On my thigh you can read: OKAY LET'S DO THIS which I got tattooed right below my short's end, so whenever I feel weak and I let my head down over my bike, I can read it. Sometimes I also need a kick in my butt (I will do that myself) which is helping, too.

Tell us about your feelings towards riding your bicycle. What does it mean to you? Most of the time, I tend to bike alone. Just for myself. I sit on my bike, listen to music or sometimes it's all quiet and I am all by myself. I pedal and pedal. It's almost like meditation. I really like the fast rhythm and I like the feeling afterwards. It's so - liberating.
Your bike. What's your favorite model you like riding? I'm riding a Canyon Aeroad in XXS - in black ;). In comparative, I'm small (159cm) and that's why it was hard to find the perfect bike. Now, I'm super satisfied - it has rough edges; that's what I like: it has character!
Are there any other activities that you like to enjoy? Skiing. Ever since I was a child, I had a passion for skiing. I used to be in a racing team, but I had to stop due to an injury. I grew up in the mountains and that's where my love for them came from. The roughness, the mysterious something. The power...
I would love to know more about your Label, FINGERSCROSSED. It's a Label which basically focuses on socks for the biking community. Here we have catchy designs which meet high quality and functionality. We do socks, because we want to inspire the cyclist and give him/her the opportunity to be individual. Socks are the best platform to show our passion for design and the sport itself. We give them (the socks) the attention they deserve.
Where do we get your designs? You can get them here or here.

What's the perfect music for your workout? I love to listen to anything from SIA, but there is so much more!
After a hard workout, where should one rest in Munich - is there a special place to go? Bikedress is the best. Go there on a Saturday! You will get homemade Banoffee cake and delicious cappuchino!

Talking to Susanne was really refreshing and I love this woman so much, haha! Even though we haven't met yet, I feel a strong connection and especially motivation through her words and designs! I love her drive and passion! This woman rocks! If you want to see more from Susanne or you want to say hi, make sure to follow her Instagram!

Thank you again, Susanne! I mog di ~