7:12 AM It all started when I was a little kid. I was not really into sports, just because.
Then, I was forced to do track and field at a local club - I hated it and soon I retired my active career...until I reached the holy 20. With 22 I found back to running - destiny or a second chance - yes it came late, but today I can say that this saved me. Running gave me everything I missed in life. Running made me a better person and I am happy to become a greater version of myself through sharing emotions and vibes with other passionate thinkers around the world - runners are really the best people out there (salute to you). I could write love letters about running...this passion goes beyond.

In this case, I am happy to combine two things which really mean a lot to me: running + the oceans. When I saw the tweet that Parley sent out, my heart was beating faster and I totally got excited. No matter what's up with the oceans, I'm down to support and spread love.

I love my oceans, you should do this as well.

Parley and adidas are continuing their awesome work which is dedicated to our magical blue waters with this awesome event happing from June 5th to 11th. Since World Ocean Day is on June 8th, this whole week around it will be about our beloved oceans. To show how much we care, adidas and Parley ask us to run for the oceans to show more commitment and recall our memories how imporant our most important life support system is. WE SHOULD CARE MORE.

How can we take action? It's pretty easy. Download the app "Runtastic" if you haven't so far and run for the oceans during the ocean week - no matter where you are. Log yourself in and show the community how many k's you will dedicate to the oceans. Motivate your friends to join you, too, and educate the world about this serious issue!

So far, 34 thousand people have registered to particpate at this amazing event to share serious realities and loving motivation to start fighting this issue. On June 5th, you will be able to download "Back to the Oceans", a Runtastic Story about the oceans, which you shouldn't miss. THIS IS ALL ABOUT EDUCATION. FOR ME AND YOU. We should profit from that, right?

If you want to know more about the ocean week and what Parley and adidas plan to inspire us, make sure to click here. I will surely update you as well and I will also share a lot of feelings and facts during the ocean week as well - so get ready! I'm ready to fight and be brave ~

Talking about fighting...I care about my oceans too much and that's why I started a fundraise. If you haven't seen it yet, here it is! I hope some of you will take their time to read through this and donate. Not only for me, not only for us, but Mother Nature. She deserves it.

Now tell me, will you run for the oceans?