8:49 PM Hey spring, where did you go? I'm actually not the biggest fan of rain...but to be honest, our current weather situation is cheering me up a lot. Those rainy days might be the biggest mood killer for the majority of the people, but I see it as the perfect harmony to start creating (new) things.
I lace up my rain boots and I grab my rain jacket - I'm ready to enjoy wet Mother Nature.

How beautiful is this planet when the rain is treating us with pure energy and a fresh surrounding? Over the years now I am learning to love the rain. No matter what, after the rain, sunshine will always follow, but right now I am trying to fall in love with rain just as much as I love the brighter and happier times.

Why do we hate those wet days so much? Have you ever enjoyed a run outside in the nature when the trees smell so fresh and water drops cool you down while you hear the path under your feet make noises since it is wet and full of new life? I could continue even further, but you get my point.

Spring, I can wait for you a little bit longer. I am totally fine with our cool breeze here - my body is smiling and my heart is happy to feel a refreshing moment like this.
New inspirations.
New motivations.
More heartbeats.

Let the rain drip drop on you and feel the vibes ~ Happy Thursday

*random thoughts