8:26 PM When it comes to vitamins, the only thing I remember is going to my childhood doctor where I afterwards got multi-vitamin tablets as a healthy treat, haha. I don't know why I got them, but I always loved eating them. Other than that, I never cared about vitamins at all.
Growing up, I believed that my body gets enough vitamins by eating some fruits and veggies here and there and drinking enough milk to keep my bones healthy.
My mom had some magnesium powder at home, just in case we get weird cramps or fatigue bones once in a while - but that never happened.

I hate taking pills and I always try to fight diseases or headaches in a natural way. The feeling of swallowing something tiny and disgusting down makes me throw up - kind of. There was no way for me to ever think of taking any supplements or vitamins - I can only eat them in the natural way.

Things changed when I became more active.

Sometimes, I am so mean to my body...I run, I work out, I work a lot where I also run from A to B and I often forget to give my body and system a break. More importantly, I forget to give back.

I started quitting dairy, which dramatically changed my life - a positive thing for my body; But I realized that there is more that should be done.

I think with my dairy quit, I realized that my bones need an extra care now that my running routines are getting more serious...

My favorite thing to do is asking Google about god and the world, and so I did a research on how to consume more magnesium or calcium. I figured that I can't eat 10 bananas a day and I'm also not in the mood to only eat green veggies and fruits. Have you ever checked how much stuff you have to eat to get your daily needs for your whole system? Also...do I really need all of this?

YES. Two years ago, I started having a strict half-marathon training plan, but I later got an injury - my first running injury. I noticed that my body asked for extra care and a little boost to perform in its best way possible. I took my mom's magnesium powder and I let my body rest a lot. After a couple of weeks, it was all okay and I trained again.

For my last race in October, when I went to Paris, I finally got brave and invested in my first magnesium tablets. I was happy to have them with me, since I really needed them after this crazy race! I didn't really think about it a lot...I said yes and I imagined it to be chocolate, haha. In Paris this little buddy really helped me A LOT!

Then, another backlash in December. Shin splits and a lot of pain in my right leg! Running wasn't possible and my legs were beyond tired. Hey?! What am I supposed to do now? I decided to rest, but I also wanted to heal my body from the inside out.  I still had a couple of magnesium tablets left and I went to the next grocery store to get more vitamins which should kick ass my whole system. I also bought different oils and all the stuff you can imagine #roadtorecovery.

I took my magnesium every day and all of a sudden I started a new habit.

I was going crazy and I was shocked how easy it was for me to take all those things now. My body welcomed my overcoming fear and I could literally feel my body feeling better from day to day.
When I got back on the asphalts and tracks, I was so scared to feel any pain in my shin, but guess what. Until today, my shin is smiling and my legs haven't been tired anymore!

I have to admit, my vitamin spa time includes so much more, but beginning with essential vitamins really changed my life (and running routine). I'm happy to be active, because without running I would be so cruel to my body and that's the least thing I want.

I want myself to feel healthy and strong! How about you? Are you taking vitamins? Which ones are your favorite? How about starting with these here: magnesium, calcium, fish oil, zinc ~ Your body will thank you a lot!