7:19 AM Posts like this are turning to be on my favorites list, since I can show you real things in a creative way. My last current beauty likes post was at the beginning of the year, I guess, and I feel I definitely have to share new things with you.
To be honest, in my beauty box (I store all my stuff in a Nike shoe box) not much has changed...I got a few new things, or my sister gave me tons of samples to try - my next big step is to spring clean my beauty collection so I can make new room for things I will get when I'm in NYC soon ~
Sometimes, I'm in the mood to show you the coolest stuff out there and then again I'm in the mood to show you the most simple things - just like today: simple additions which make my busy life so much better!

1. Oh wow, I got myself a new tooth brush. Amazing, right? You know about my love for the oceans and my fight against our dear enemy, the plastic pollution. During my grocery runs, I try to avoid many plastic packages and I try to shop smart (which is hard sometimes!), but I also knew I wanted to do some plastic cuts in the bathroom. In general, it's a nasty imagination to clean our mouth or teeth with a hard plastic tool, rubbing it against anything inside of us which can be unhealthy for our system. I used a plastic tooth brush my whole life, but now I knew I needed to say goodbye to it. It's time to get a wooden and sustainable alternative. Hydrophil's brushes are the best solution to my problem! The brushes come in a simple and very minimalistic design which I love! You can get the bamboo brush in diverse colors - I chose to go with red - I mean who actually cares about the tooth brush design? The brushes are not too hard but also not too soft, right in the middle and I have to say that right after my first use, I was in love with the brush. It felt so much softer in my mouth and my biggest fear of having a wooden flavor in my mouth was also fading away really quick. ALL GOOD! I love it and I will stay with this buddy!

2. When I went to Paris in October, I took my little sample box of Toothy Tabs with me - my test to try an alternative tooth paste. I wrote a whole post about them here (if you care for more info). Just like my tooth brush "problem", I wanted to solve the plastic issue within our tooth pastes. I read so much about plastic beads being inside our shower gels, peelings, and tooth pastes. Mouth hygiene is super important to me and once I heard about this beauty plastic issue, I was curious to find out more about it. I did many researches where I found out that so many people swear by making their own tooth paste by using baking powder - I wasn't sure if I was ready to go that far.
I went to Lush and talked about their alternative: the Toothy Tabs. So far, I only tested the "Bling" version, an orange flavor which makes you dream about the next beach vacaction, but this is enough for me, haha. I tried the tabs with the weirdest thoughts, since I didn't know how it feels like to have tabs in my mouth, chewing them and at the same time keeping everything in my mouth while brushing my teeth. BUT fact is that the flavor is beyond awesome and I never had sexier teeth! I mean they feel shiny and clean the whole day! For this, I love investing in those pricey friends.

3. Okay, this might be weird, too, but yeah. I have to admit, I look pretty young here and there and my skin looks pretty okay, I would say. I've never had a problem with acne or dark circles or whatever...Now that I'm getting older and my work is stressing me out a lot, I see my skin reacting to this. There are days where it's only about sleeping, working, and a little bit of eating. My body hates that and my skin is also not a fan of it. The next morning I wake up and I might have stressed out skin or I need to cover certain spots to make me look fresh and awake again. Lancôme's Teint Miracle is really a miracle here, haha. I am not a fan of make up, foundations or anything which puts a second skin on my skin, since I also don't want to cover my freckles, but this foundation here could be my secret s.o.s helper. It smells quiet good and it doesn't ruin my skin in any ways. I know so many make-up brands which make my skin dry out... Since I only cover certain parts and I blend it, my skin looks fine, almost untouched and I feel like my skin can breathe! I would recommend this to anyone, but I will definitely try different "hyped foundations" as well soon! Lancôme is definitely worth the Hype ~

4. One of my favorite things when it comes to beauty supply is definitely anything which focuses on the lips: lipstick, gloss, balms - give me all of them. I don't care how many I got, I always need more! While my go-to lip balms are chapsticks or my bees natural pomegranate flavor, I still need to find THE perfect gloss. Finding the ideal one is so hard, since I am picky concerning consistency, look, and also the flavor, haha. There is one gloss which will be on my next list (IT'S SO GOOD), but meanwhile I am trying this product from Manhattan. I don't know why I got it, haha, but somehow I thought I needed to try it - I think it was the color! A long friend of mine was the & Other Stories lipgloss, which was transparent and I loved it! Now, I wanted to upgrade my needs and buy one which has a beautiful color, so I don't need to mix it with a lipstick. I decided to go with this pink color to have a little highlight ~ All in all, I am pretty happy with the product since it's really the perfect mixture between gloss and lipstick! It's perfectly matte and the color is really satisfying, too. The only thing I don't like is the flavor and it doesn't last as long as I wished for. But all in all it hasn't upset me, so I'm happy to currently use this and emphasize my lips.

5. I hate putting make up on my eyes - gosh, this takes forever! To be honest, until today I don't get it...I have my routines, but I always look the same. I mostly use nudes and I highlight something here and there and if I'm in the mood, I also use eyeliner. In highschool I used liquid eyeliner every day - I wonder where my motivation went, haha. Now that I don't want to spend hours in the morning, I want to use products which look good and are super easy to apply, even when I'm half asleep. One of my favorite brands is Benefit and I am so happy that their products make my life so much easier. Using their eyeshadow was actually by accident and it all started with a sample...Today I am so happy to have this eyeshadow since applying it is even sexier! I go with the shade "bikini-tini" which is an oyster pink and I apply it with my finger from left to right on my lid. Boom! This shadow is creamy so it doesn't need my help to be blended well - it's acutally working by itself! It lasts super long and it has the best balance of shimmy shimmy and an elegant look. I love this!! I only add a little shadow on my lids and the base is already done ~

So, so many great things to share with you, right? I know this is my personal experience and it might happen that you experience the same things in a different way, but that's why I'm here. Let's exchange and discuss about my selection! Is there anything you love to use right now? What's your daily life saver?

I hope you have a wonderful Sunday ~