8:49 AM I bet we share the same feeling about this: breakfast can be really boring sometimes, because we always tend to eat the same. Also, when we try to upgrade our eating routines, it can be super expensive - so what's the plan?

With "Budget Feastin'" I want to show you super cheap meals which taste beyond amazing!

You know the simple things are sometimes better than the fancy stuff you see here and then - it doesn't need to be expensive to taste good!

You might not believe it, but there is so much cheap food around us which we seem to ignore, just because. Next time you hit your local grocery store, take your time and check out the fruits and veggies - are you sure you can't do anything fancy out of them?

Today we start with a breakfast for dessert lovers in an almost healthy way.
I love this recipe here because it's such an easy and fast breakfast. If you love crème brûlée or anything which has a sweet sugar topping, grapefruit brûlée is the perfect treat for you.


YOU NEED 1 grapefruit + 1-2 teaspoons coconut sugar or brown sugar

1. Take your grapefruit and cut it into halves. You can actually prepare your fruit as you like: cut slices and grill them or take two halves. I prefer two halves, because it's faster and afterwards I can eat it just like a traditional crème brûlée where the grapefruit outside is the perfect bowl to hold and you can eat the inside with a spoon.
2. No matter how you prepare you grapefruit, continue with the sugar coating. You can either way use coconut sugar which has a more caramel flavor or you go with simple brown sugar - it's up to you. Coat your grapefruit slices or halves with the sugar and make sure to spread it even on your fruit.
3. Heat a pan with coconut oil and grill it.
4. It takes a couple of minutes until the sugar is really warm and ready to be "burned". Make sure you stay around your pan, so as soon as it may smell burned, you can remove your fruit. I always check them every 2-3 minutes and then I decide how dark I want them to be. Remember: the darker the sugar gets, the more you will have a bitter taste at the end, so try to find the perfect balance between brown and burned.
5. Enjoy your dessert for breakfast and watch out, it might be hot!

This is so easy and I love the fact that you actually don't have to be the best cook to create this lovely feast. What's even better here, is the fact that this breakfast costs you between 40-60 cents, depending on the size of your grapefruit.

Now who's ready to try this as well?

*Boys and girls, write down the new vocabulary you have learned today:  schlemmen — (to) feast.