6:23 PM Packing, packing, packing - I kind of hate it, but I also love to be on the run, knowing that I got every important thing with me. In the past years, I was a lazy bug, packing only this and that and if I need anything I can get it in the city. This means spending a lot of cash...I didn't care. Being lazy can cost you a lot - why are we willing to pay so much more for stuff which we already own? We just forget about them all the time and this extra cash hurts, right? We need a plan to budget wise, but we also don't want to carry too much with ourselves.
I sat down to think of things which I can take with me...things which can save my daily life with a lot of benefits. After a little bit, I figured out what I need and what I want - my routines are pretty much the same and with my basics here I can survive anywhere.

When I tried my vlog session in December (which unfortunately didn't work out), I already shared a "what's in my bag Edition" - I thought it's nice to repost that again in a visual post like this. I want to share my bag content with you to show you how easy it can be! Maybe you find some inspiration here and in addition to that we can start reducing our investments in extra stuff and packaging (which is great for Mother Nature as well...).

Now let's check through my daily super helpers:
1. Let's start with my backpack (similar here, or here). For my daily run, I love to take my leather backpack with me where everything fits inside (plus it highlights every outfit of mine haha). I personalized it with some letters, Japanese words which motivate me and as well my beloved pins from KITH.
2. I always carry my water with me! Hydration is important and some water should be in everyone's bag! Earlier, I hated carrying those heavy bottles with me....now I realized that the sooner I drink it, the less weight I got to carry, right? Plus...my body is happy! ~
3. My Supreme box takes care of my nuts and coconut - this is my snack box (alternatives can be found here)! Whenever I feel hungry or I want to snack, I check for the next bakery...how about a donut? Or a croissant? Extra money I have to spend and afterwards I will feel guilty...so what's the solution? I snack on hazelnuts and my favorite coconut chunks. I buy one bag a week and split it throughout the days...that's it. However my mood is, I can always upgrade my snack behavior ~
4. Tea. Sometimes, I want to drink a tea, but I don't want to buy a whole box of tea - there is no single bag that I can buy. Also, at work, we always have different tea flavors, but green tea is rare to find - I rather drink my favorite and that's why I always carry one bag with me - just in case! Check out one of my favorites right here.
5. + 6. Keys (not in the picture) always important and also music! My Ipod needs to be by my side 24/7!  
7. Bye bye to the plastic lids at the coffee stores - I refuse to buy a coffee in their cups (not that I don't like them...you know the struggle). I carry my Starbucks tumbler with me so I can also save some bucks each time I satisfy my coffeine addiction.
8. + 9. Lemon + Ginger. I have to admit...my friends don't do that, but I prefer having those two things with me all the time! They are real magic, lovebirds!! Whenever I need an extra boost or I feel sick, lemon and ginger help me feeling better. Alone or together, both save my life!
10. Notebook + Muji pen. Ahhh, I love having my notebook with me, whether I am writing down my thoughts, inspirations, or poems - it keeps me going! In addition to that, I always got my Muji pens with me! Why Muji? Because they offer the best writing supply ~ Yes.
11. You know me...I love sneakers! Since I'm wearing them 24/7, I always feel better when I got my beloved Jason Markk "Quick Wipes" with me, because anything can happen, right?
12. I always carry too much food with me, but hey, I need to add here that this is something I love to snack on as well! Before I get anything nasty, I prefer my dried fruits! I also love a sweet banana, but those dried mangos always kill me! Maui & Sons has the best offer and I must admit that I never ate better mangos than those! Try them!
13. Last but not least, I am not a robot, I am human and there are days when I want to treat myself with some M&M's. People tend to think that active people only eat kale and protein bars to stay fit.. I love protein bars as well, but sometimes my inside is craving M&M's and hell yeah, I treat myself! I deserve it and you deserve it, too. ~ I love you, M&M's.

See, this selection here isn't bad at all! It might look like a lot, but at the end of the day, this is the best survival bag for me! I got a lot of food, I will be hydrated throughout the day and I carry entertainment with me! Perfect ~

How about you? What do you carry with yourself on a daily basis?
I hope my little insight view inspired you to see or get to know something new.

Try to reduce your waste and save a couple of bucks with my tips here and there - you will be so much happier!
Believe me, it feels good to always be prepared - no matter what!

Happy Sunday ~