9:09 PM I don't know about you, but I'm lucky to have more than one home on this beautiful planet. While my heart bleeds for New York, I won't ever forget about my roots. I'm proud of where I come from and the older I get, the more I cherish my city where I was born.

My home is a historical, but super urban city with a lot of charm. No lie, you will eat the best yufka of your life there and on top of that everyone will be welcomed with the most delicate chocolate flavor in the air. The French king built the second largest baroque castle in Europe which imitates the famous castle Versailles - this is today's university (the Harvard of Germany).
We gave the world the bicycle plus the car (Carl Benz - you might know this guy) and every old school celebrity (I actually mean old historian figure...) wanted to be there as well: German writers like Schiller and Goethe who also premiered some of their plays there, but also Mozart loved coming through. Do you notice that I'm a historian? haha.

Telling you those facts makes me actually proud to be a citizen and daughter of Mannheim. If you happen to visit Germany, make sure to see Mannheim! You know how much I love New York and sharing travelling tips with you is always fun, but I never shared anything about my original home - a place which is also worth to be seen!

A couple of years ago, adidas neo reached out to me to participate on a little city challenge. I collaborated with my sister here and we had to create a little moodboard where we showed our favorite places in Mannheim. This was a really fun shoot and I thought it was about time to repost this!

Let's get back to the roots together with adidas neo ~

1. If you follow along for a little bit, you might know about my passion for Asian food! Mannheim has many great places to offer from all you can eat to fancy cuisine, from Mongolian to Thai - anything that makes your soul happy! I prefer the Vietnamese spot "Mémoires d'Indochine" (1)  and the Japanese restaurant "MoschMosch" (7) (my #1!!!!).

2. Do you love ice cream? Yeah, stupid question. History fact: Mannheim invented spaghetti ice cream: vanilla ice cream noodles topped with the sweetest strawberry sauce and white chocolate parmesan. No real cheese, haha. So simple, but so clever, and yes, so delicious!! At Fontanella (8) you will get the authentic (but expensive) spaghetti ice cream.

3. I already talked about the yufka in the beginning! Germany is the land of Schnitzel...and Döner. Since Mannheim enjoys a huge population of Turkish people, I would say that Mannheim's Döner is the best! And since I'm not into Döner (a grilled bread pocket with meat, salad, slaw & yogurt sauce) I definitely recommend the yufka. The same ingredients of a Döner together in a Turkish puff pastry - more simple: a Turkish burrito. Yes, yes, yes. There is one place where you need to eat the yufka: City Döner (6). A true institution! Ask someone where to eat in Mannheim...the person will tell you about City Döner first. The yufka is as long and thick as your underarm (no lie) and you only pay 4.50€! You are welcome.

4. Are you looking for a cute café with charm and a cool owner with whom you can talk about god and the world? Café Lido (4) is a very unique café to spend early mornings or late afternoon coffee breaks. The interior is a mixture of modern and vintage with artsy objects such as fancy magazines! During summer time you can even enjoy your drink in the tiny but so well decorated backyard. My tip: you have to try the passionfruit lemonade with pomegranate seeds.

5. Shopping is a good thing to do in Mannheim. You can enjoy our latest city mall Q6/Q7 with cool stores like adidas or Other Stories or you hit the streets and check out our main shopping street the "Planken" - you will find anything! For the vintage lovers I definitely have a little secret spot for you! At Shemonster (5) you will find the most chilled shop owner in Mannheim with a great selection of vintage clothes and skateboard apparel.

6. Once you take a walk through the city, make sure to visit "Little Istanbul" (the circled spot on the map). I already mentioned that we got a huge Turkish population in Mannheim and right in our city center you will find a neighborhood starting at square E-K which we call "Little Istanbul". A very colorful corner with awesome food! You will find many supermarkets with the freshest fruits and bakeries with the best desserts and tea! If you are on the hunt for cheap sneaks, go there!

7. In case this is too much for you and you want to escape, visit our city park "Luisenpark" (3) which makes you forget about every tiny thing! The park is located right next to our theatre and the scenery is definitely worth to see! During April-September the park is also offering free sport programs which you can join! Get to know new faces and enjoy Mannheim's green side in between its industry and graffiti walls. You will love it!

8. During the summer time, it is so great to spend the evening at our local city beach (2), right next to the Neckar river. Cocktails, drinks, finger food, and the best music - enjoy the great panorama and breathe in the chocolate air ~ Our beach is definitely a highlight!

Does this sound exciting to you?
Well, you don't have to see the things that everyone tells you to see - try something new! Get to know spots and cities which haven't been on your list before! You won't regret it ~
Come visit me and experience an authentic city in good old Germany!

*shout out to adidas neo! One more time: thanks for always creating the coolest challenges! I love you, guys!