12:26 PM One of my favorite feelings is when I open a new box of fresh sneakers. I'm always beyond excited to smell the shoes and touch them for the first time. You know what's even better? Getting a pair of sneakers which one of your friends designed.


I feel so proud when I look at my newest sneaker addition. My pink cookie just released her second collection with Puma and I feel like a proud mommy with tears in my eyes, haha. Seeing Caroll designing all of those shoes and apparel just puts the biggest smile on my face.

Last season, when she dropped her first collection, I stayed up all night to get my first pair. I remember that I waited until 12 AM, because I was so scared that everything will sell out super fast.
Luckily, I got a pair and I believe it's the pair I'm wearing the most right now. I share a lot of history with those shoes - they took me through many places already. My last weird experience was walking through New York when my feet started bleeding, but guess what...my sneakers survived. I simply love them.

When I saw Caroll's teaser for the next collection, my heart was beating fast again. I'm not only supporting this girl, because she's Caroll. I support her, because of her ideas and creativity. I dig her sense of style and I believe Puma is pretty happy as well to collaborate with a female sneaker head with the purest vision.

Caroll, I told you this 7 million times. I love you and I am beyond proud of you! YOU CHANGE THE GAME. WITH EACH COLLECTION.
Thank you for being you! Thank you for your inspiration. Thank you for everything ~

When her newest collection dropped, I stayed up again to get another pair. This sneaker you see above is the one that I decided to get. Good selection? I guess so.

I haven't worn them yet, but I can't wait to hit the streets and tell everyone that my female hero designed them!

Cheers to my Dutch cookie ~ You make me beyond happy!

What's your current favorite sneaker?