Ahhh, I had a good day at Frankfurt today where I did a shoot and I had a very pleasing talk with dear runners.
Let's be honest...the running community is beyond amazing and so empowering. I actually wanted to focus on my photoshoot today, but I have to say that the convos with the passionate asphalt kissers + huggers made my day. Exchanging knowledge, love, and tips to run better ~ (we were actually lost, talking about adidas' new "Ultra Boost" - worth the hype?)
Sitting next to the Main river, I watched people enjoying spring and run along the water - I'm so happy more and more people are running again!
Now I got one question for you....are you ready to run, too? Take my quiz and let's see what your result will be ~ Please share! I can't wait to hear from you ~

Happy Weekend - Let's run together.
Sweat connects ~