8:51 PM Did your read my last post? Do you still soak in my motivational words? Or are you looking for a perfect challenge to kick ass and feel good? Lovebirds, I got you.
With yesterday's post I wanted to prepare you for today's announcement: A NEW CHALLENGE.
Yes, yes, yes.

Of course I got a handful of motivational sentences for you today as well, but I actually just want to inspire you and make you get to know my little active fantasies.

May is already knocking at our doors and summer is right around the corner! Spring already gave us a couple of days full of sunshine, but there was no opportunity yet to show our beautiful bikini bodies...good for some of us, because we might need to work on our beach bodies a little bit (...in reality: who cares? we are ready 24/7).

After my #absolutely challenge in March, I am so ready to focus on the whole body again! I told you in yesterday's post that I missed working on certain body areas and sometimes I felt super bad that I ignored my back or beloved behind (squats forever ~). Sooo, yeah, I basically sat down and thought about my next challenge: what's the essence?
After a second, I knew that this challenge will focus on every important muscle which is even better for us, because during summer time, we don't wear many clothes - SHOW THEM WHAT YOU GOT ~

With this challenge you will satisfy your whole body ~

Don't panic - this will be easy.

Almost two years ago, before I did my first personal challenge, I found Anna Bediones on Instagram with her #13days13nights challenge - I was intrigued to participate. In case you don't know about this and you would like to read more about it, make sure to read my review here. To cut a long story short, #13days13nights was a challenge where you push yourself beyond the limits while you do 2 workouts during the day! This doesn't mean that you have to work out 2 hours with crazy HIIT or cardio routines - it's up to you, be creative!

Since this challenge never gets old, I thought about brining it back with my #SummerFling challenge. I remember how much fun #13days13nights was, although it was sometimes hard to include two great workouts into a hectic day - but hey, that's the challenge!

So, lovebirds. With this new challenge, I invite you to do 2 workouts a day from May 1st to May 31st. A lot of sweat, but I guess the results will be great!!

If you ask yourself what kind of workouts I expect you to do - I DON'T CARE! JUST MOVE!

Me, for example, I will go running a lot and I will mix it with good stretch routines, a little yoga, plus many crazy cardio sessions. I will also create certain days where I focus on special areas, such as my butt, thighs, or abs.
If you ask yourself where I am getting my ideas from: the Nike Training Club app, YouTube, and my earlier challenges - there is so much inspiration out there!

How does this challenge sound? Are you joining me?

Make sure to tell me your thoughts and holla if you happen to sweat with me. Use the hashtag #SummerFling so I definitely read your comments, experiences or feelings! Let's discuss right here or tweet me via Twitter - I will also share my ups and downs with you ~ ALWAYS.

I hope you like #SummerFling just as much as I do! Let's sweat spring away and welcome summer with you in your best shape! ENJOY ~