Sonntag, April 9

10:06 AM It’s Easter time – not yet, but everywhere I go, I see Easter eggs, bunnies and pastel colors. This is really not my season
I don’t celebrate Easter…I rather eat all the chocolate (yes, very bad).

For this year, I thought I might invest in some Easter decoration to really feel the vibes which everyone is celebrating right now. I ended up buying 6 pink eggs – yes, that’s it and yes, I decided to go with pink, haha, I’m finally turning into a girl.

Let’s continue with the important things.

Today I want to share the easiest and so far fastest recipe with you.
No matter if you are invited to a relaxing Easter brunch or you need something nice to snack to, hummus is always a good idea. I knowww. Some hear hummus and they automatically say ewww. I was one of those people, too! But since I love bread and anything that you can dip, a hummus is the best excuse to eat all the bread in the world. My problem with hummus was the flavor of the boring chickpea – I didn’t like it.

Since I had plenty of banana left-overs in my kitchen and a can of chickpeas was hiding somewhere in the back, I knew the day came where I needed to spice the hummus game a bit up – I needed to give it a try. I blended the chickpeas, mixed in the bananas, flavored it with some more cinnamon, et voilà. This is done in less than 2 minutes – I swear!!
Eat it in the morning, enjoy a great lunch with it, or treat yourself in the evening with some things you can dip in in front of the TV. I enjoyed my hummus on a bagel and it was beyond delicious!


YOU NEED 2 bananas + 1 can chickpeas + 1 teaspoon cinnamon + optional pepper (I used honey pepper to balance the sweetness) + optional vanilla flavor

1. Prepare your ingredients: sift the chickpeas and cut the banana into tiny chunks.
2. Put everything into a blender and mix it until the mixture is smooth and creamy. (If you like chunks than you can decide for yourself how smooth you want your hummus to be)
3. Add the cinnamon and extra flavor you like.
4. Enjoy your hummus with anything you can dip! Dip it right ~

If you happen to have any left-overs, make sure to put it in your fridge or even freezer. The freezer option is pretty handy, because you can also use this as a part of a smoothie the next time. YOU ARE WELCOME.

Tell me about your own hummus party. What’s your favorite flavor? Every tried a fruity option?
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