8:07 PM Hello April! Can I (finally) welcome spring? Our last week was filled with plenty of sunshine and so are our hearts. Good vibes for everyone.
My heart is beyond happy since I am celebrating my running comeback. It felt like forever. The last times when I was writing about running or I updated you about my running routines, I shared my frustration about my shin. While my last 10k race in Paris was the smoothest ever, I suddenly started to have pain and a certain numbness in my right shin. That's why I decided to take a break in December. In March I went running twice (finally!!) - a bit shy, maybe scared because I want my body to be fully recovered. I was sick of all the pain!

Since my recovery road was a hard, but successful one, I want to share some positive feelings with you. With #dearrunning, I want to write about my happy feelings so whenever I get upset, I will be reminded by my past actions and vibes.

We should stop focus on the bad - here is something for you, too, when you got no inspiration or you are right in your own recovery zone (so you got something to look forward to as well).

Dear running, I'm happy to see you again.
A new day to lace up, is a new day to connect closer to everything around and inside of me. Time to get up early when the sun is rising and say hi
(to a new season).
More light. More of everything.
Just be in the moment for a little bit.
I get up and I treat my body - especially my shin. Hot lemon water to boost the system and ginger which makes my bones and blood flow smile. #mykindoftherapy
Massages + love. More dedication. Extra magnesium (just in case).
My first run after 10 weeks was good, but different. I pushed myself while my mind cheered "go, shin!". I was just hoping I can make it. Of course I can!
My shin was smiling - I felt a difference again. This is good! Then, last week, my body really surprised me! I laced up, put my hair in a bun and went outside. No jacket, not a lot of equipment - I already felt free. I decided to run next to the water, down by our lake.
Spring has sprung.
Stretching and waking up my muscles, I  took my last deep breaths and just ran! I didn't have a certain time or pace in my head - just go with the flow. I looked around. Winter cherry trees are  blooming and the grass is green again. So is my shin. It's comeback season. No pain, no nothing. Everything looks pretty again. After 5k I decided to stop. 5k is a good beginning. I sat down and watched the ducks. I gave my shin a little massage, soaking some sunrays and I smiled.
Every fiber of my body did.
This run felt like Paris. A smooth jog.
Dear running, I'm back! Ready to conquer whatever is out there!
Right now I'm just happy.