8:25 AM I love this planet and I am in love with Mother Nature. Becoming older, I start to realize how important a strong connection or appreciation of our environment is. I do care about resources, energies, or any material which exists for a reason. One problem which is becoming beyond huge is the plastic pollution. ( I talked about it here, here, here).

For those who didn’t see it/read it, I am fighting for a more sustainable surrounding and my off-time is well spent: I’m an ocean ambassador and I want my oceans to stay clean/ become clean again to help marine life and so much more which suffers from our heavy pollution and cheap material usage. It’s horrible to see what’s already going on out there.

For 2017, I have started a Fundraise which is dedicated to all of the people who fight for plastic free oceans and a plastic free world – it’s about time! Read about my Fundraise here and please make sure to donate some dollars – it won’t kill you.

Today I want to dig in the plastic topic one more time. I already told you there is so much we can do and sometimes we ignore those little things during our daily lives (I get that). As soon as you know how to reduce plastic in your everyday lives, you will stick to that and your heart will feel so much better, believe me! The hardest thing is always the beginning (I’m not saying to cut everything plastic off your life…start step by step: this is really easier). 

This morning, I want to focus on my favorite topic: the kitchen. The kitchen is a place where we use tons of plastic: packages, wrapping, and so much more. Now you might ask yourself how to keep the fruits fresh, or how to reduce all the plastic trash – it’s impossible?! Yeah, I’ve been there and I am still a bit in between everything, but to understand all of this, one really has to sit down and read/learn about all the products out there and what’s good or not.

My tip for a healthy kitchen is: say no to plastic and say yes to more natural products: wood + glass is the answer.

To be honest. These are only the basics.
Don’t “invest” in plastic cutting boards or stupid plastic bowls – I know they are cheap and so convenient, but do you know everything about the chemicals inside of them? Just leave it. Get yourself a couple of wood cutting boards and bowls (they also look prettier) – the same goes with containers! Wood or glass is the best solution here, since any products or food which is stored in the container might adapt the plastic chemicals in the box.

We want clean food, so use clean material.

One thing I already talked about is my beloved water bottle. In Germany we love plastic water bottles, because with each recycled bottle we get 25cents back, yey. A better solution would be a glass bottle which is also handy when one is on the run – water can be refilled anywhere and you definitely have no bad chemical cocktail in your bottle.

A huge problem which is still a tiny question mark in my daily life is the baking area. Hands down, I love baking. But did you ever notice how much trash we are producing when we bake tiny dreamy cakes? (I’m talking trash here in general.) In my household, for example, baking paper is used sooo much and I am always sick of cutting a new sheet just to bake cookies, and then the next day I want to bake my fries or whatever. I’m using a lot of baking paper.
Oh god, I love baking brownies or cupcakes – I use plentyyy of cupcake holders, and where do they land after we ate the cupcakes? Trash, right. We use too much of everything we actually don’t need.

My baking tip: use silicone items.

Silicone is such a good helper, especially when it comes to my beloved cupcakes – you can always reuse them. Invest once and you never have to buy new holders again – there’s a huge selection for each and everyone out there.

Then, when we can’t finish the cake or dessert, we wrap plastic foil around it, to keep it fresh. How paradox. Plastic helps us keeping things fresh… We open our fridge, so much food wrapped in plastic. We go to work and want to take certain lunches or snacks with us: we wrap it in plastic. This screams my name. I am still figuring out how to be better with all that wrapping and step by step, I learn more about the alternatives.
There’s bees wax paper for example – it’s reusable and very environment friendly. In addition to that, when you know that today you will bring your whole dinner with yourself, grab your lunchbox and bring it to work or wherever you are heading to. The perfect lunchbox is already offering you enough space for sandwiches, fruits, veggies, and main courses – no need for any plastic wrapping!

Bring your own food – do it!

This also reduces the so seducing take away’s (with all the plastic bags and Styrofoam boxes). One lunchbox can minimize so many problems out there. And then, when you want to cover fruits or veggies which you are having at your house and you want to keep them fresh, then get silicone lids for them. I just found out about them and so far I am super intrigued to get my own as well! Especially the one you see above, for the avocado – what a great idea! Simple helpers which demonstrate the same results.


As I told you in the beginning…this is a simple start. The first chapter of our how-to book. There are many ways to conquer this huge issue – those are simple ideas of mine, but I am curious to hear about your ideas or daily life tricks. I know there are people out there who care just as much as I do. Let’s chat.

One more time, please make sure to check out my Fundraise. It really means a lot!

Happy week to all of you! Bye bye, plastic ~

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