6:42 AM I love challenges – it’s no secret. After my absolutely challenge in March, I am still beyond motivated to continue April with another challenge. I was really thinking if I should introduce you to a new sporty challenge this month, but I decided to postpone that to May – having a smoother transition from one challenge to another.

But still. There was something on my mind which I wanted to do for so long. Every day I see blogs and Instagram posts with crazy digital images and impressions (I’m excited about so much potential out there), but as a photographer myself, I sometimes miss authentic photography. In between all the food photography or silly posing for the latest fashion post, I feel the urge to see raw pictures, spontaneous moments, emotions and pure being. Where are my analog friends?

Some people are currently into Fujifilm’s Polaroid cameras and the “in the moment photography” seems to be pretty popular. I got one too and I have to say that this kind of analog shooting is so much fun – especially for people who don’t know much about analog things.

Today, so many people are taking pictures of god and everything around them which makes me beyond happy, because creating is such a fantastic thing. (This is how I got to know my better half…)

Creating is awesome and it made me a better person.

Unfortunately, all those filters and over bright pictures annoyed me the last couple of weeks. I am seeking for a little spring freshness. My last shooting was also a while ago (this has many reasons)…my heart can’t deal with that and that’s why I said to myself that April has to change.
Now with the warmer and sunny season, I will say goodbye to digital pictures throughout the month and I will walk hand in hand with my analog babies.

Yes, the things I will share during April will all be digital…that means my analog results will be shared during May. Does this sound good to you? The best thing is that so far, I have no clue what I photographed the last days – this will be the best surprise at the end of the month, when I get my developed pictures back.

All for the love of creating.

Say goodbye to digital things for 4 weeks (it could also be a TV break, an Instagram break or whatever digital thing which surrounded you too much lately). Just be brave and treat your eyes with something new. Will you join me? Do you have any experience with analog photography? Let’s exchange, lovebirds! ~

Happy week to you!