4:07 PM While I’m recovering from my Easter coma, I am looking forward to a fresh week with tons of workouts and sweat sessions. Another run is already done and yes, I’m preparing myself for a new challenge – testing workouts, routines, and whatever is out there to keep you guys happy and motivated. Having no challenge right now isn’t that bad…I’m still working out, though. But as soon as I’m doing a challenge, I feel beyond excited, because I can connect and sweat with you guys out there. Soon I will share more about the May challenge.

Today’s post is a little motivation for everyone out there who sometimes struggles throughout the day, the heart is heavy or one is just tired from everything – you know the feeling? I got those days. Everyone got those days. The question is how can we balance our moods to turn a weak day into a stronger day?

My secret (it’s not a secret) is meditation and a lot of me time. As soon as I notice that my day doesn’t feel right, there are things bothering me or I am just exhausted or tired of this and that, I stop for a little bit and take a break. I breathe in, I breathe out. I focus on my negative ballast and I try to let go. Sometimes it’s not easy, but I’m working on my process to understand my environment and moods better. The more I meditate in the morning and evening, the more I don’t struggle during the day. I listen to my favorite music to set the perfect tone and I try to stay away from things which are toxic for my being and mood. In case I forget about all of that, I make sure to put my mantra on my Levi’s, haha. I wrote my mantra in my notebook, it’s in my phone’s notes – it’s everywhere – why not on my jeans?

I woke up, went to the bathroom and grabbed my jeans:

Wake Up.

Check, check, check. This is my mantra and seeing this on my jeans just makes me happy. It can be so simple. I smile and I’m happy. Nothing can kill my mood today ~ It’s all up to ourselves. Let’s make the world a happier and more balanced place.

Bostoners, you running lovebirds – no matter where you are and how you feel right now: breathe and smile! DON’T RUN, FLY AND CATCH THE VIBES ~