3:07 PM May, I see you soon (to soon) - can you believe that April is going by so fast?
The only thing which excites me beyond to start into a new month, is the fact that May will bring another challenge along. Yessss! But before we start with something new, I would like to share my feelings about my last challenge.

I have to be honest here – while doing the challenge, I was already thinking of how I should share my thoughts and experiences when this is over. Right now, I read more diverse blogs which share workouts, summer workout plans or whatever you want to call it. Everywhere I go, I see before and after images and I often feel confused seeing this… don’t get me wrong – I respect everyone’s hustle, but I decided for myself that I won’t do this.
I stood in front of my mirror and I took selfies…I did so many pictures for this post and with each photo I thought why am I doing this? My challenges are not about being ripped in 4 weeks – I want to challenge us to embrace our body more and get to know ourselves, strengths, and super powers. I said it quite well in the challenge’s intro:

“I want to emphasize that this challenge is not about being skinny or have a crazy six pack. It's all about the vibes ~ We want to feel good and help our stomach to look beautiful. Curves don't hurt anyone and we shouldn't aim on looking beyond thin!”

Why do I do those challenges? Because they give me life.
I am a runner. My number one sportive activity is running, being out there and kissing any asphalt on this planet. I eat pretty healthy with a good handful of milkshakes, cookies, and m&m’s. I don’t eat cauliflower rice or avoid any gluten. If I want to eat that goddamn bread, I will surely eat it. My past history when it comes to working out and having a healthy body is beyond negative. I was chubby and I seldom ate any veggies – today this behavior changed 285°. Being active helped me with so many things in my life and that’s why I am always excited to challenge myself with something new. Looking good, toned, or seeing a baby ab somewhere makes me happy sometimes, because I see that the hard work pays off.

Again, I don’t do this to look like a skinny fitness girl which you see everywhere on Instagram – I just want to give my body something back. I do some cardio to make my heart happy and the right exercises allow me to eat one more cookie when I feel like it. For the vibes, I deserve it. You deserve it…we all deserve it! Those crazy diets don’t make any sense to me.

It was about time to try an ab or core challenge, since a.) we already tried many exercises here together and b.) the core is my problem zone and I was curious if this challenge might change something in my workout routine. I love getting to know new exercises or hearing about your favorite routines which give you the best feeling. So let’s go this road together.
I’m still studying about the core area: not only the exercises are important, but also food. I know (in my case) that dairy is a huge problem for me and it doesn’t help me see any active results, because I’m bloated like 24/7. With all my experiences, the things that I read, and my favorite exercises, I created this challenge for you and for me. A perfect guide to challenge yourself for four weeks.

Give your body the time and don’t expect too much to change after this one month. Our bodies will appreciate our patience and sooner or later you will see your body automatically transform.

My main goal for you is to feel good.

I want you to work hard and as soon as you check yourself in the mirror, I want to see you smile and say “hey, I did a pretty good job!” This thing is a life commitment – I mean you don’t need to change your food behavior like crazy, but if you eat pizza every day, you might need some extra time to achieve “your perfect idea”. I can only repeat what I’m saying the whole time. The results or the experience I share are my own. My body is different than yours. I have a very balanced lifestyle right now and I’m happy to share everything with you – that’s why I’m here. When this is helping you out, then I’m happy as well…and if not, I’m still beyond proud of you, because you tried. We will keep on working on your journey until you are 100% satisfied.

I know this feeling.
You work hard to see results. Why not?
It feels good to see positive things happening after you invest so much time, sweat, and tears! Last year, when my core reached its peak and I felt beyond amazing, I was brave enough to hit the streets in Paris with a belly free top. With 25, I wore my first belly free shirt and I walked down this street with the biggest fuck I could give.

This was the moment I realized that I can do anything if I just stick to my mantra and positive vibes.

Everything will be fine ~ Now more about the challenge. Earlier, when I reported about my challenges, I did a little question and answer game – for this challenge I will do the same.

How was the challenge? Be honest. It was good. It was hard in the beginning, but since I knew all the exercises, I knew that I could do it. My mind is always a bit scared in the beginning, since this challenge wants me to work out every day. There is no rest day and I knew that every day I need to invest the same amount of energy. Pretty weird in the beginning, but as soon as a routine is coming along, it feels super natural to do it.
Did you want to give up? Not really. I think I had two days, where I was exhausted from work and stuff that was happening around me. I went to bed and said to myself that one day without exercising is okay…but then I got out of bed and shook my head. I didn’t want to take my ballast with me to dream land, I just sweat all the negative vibes out. So no, I stayed strong ~
What was the best exercise? Ahhh, there were so many. After the first round was over, I already had my favorites and each time my favorite exercise came back, I was happy to do it. In totality, I would say that my #1 is the spiderman plank. I am definitely a loser when it comes to planking, but this exercise was so much fun and it is so good if you want to see fast results ;)
What’s the worst exercise? Plank hip dips were killing me, also the leaning camel. Especially number two gave me the sorest muscles I ever had. I mean the exercises were okay, but I just didn’t feel the vibes.
Wasn’t the routine boring at a certain Point? No. At the end of the month, I kind of knew which day is full of good exercises and which day brings horrible stuff along – so I was often super excited. It was good for myself to know that I am active every day and I felt calm to know that this is my outlet to let go whenever I felt stressed out.
How can you motivate yourself every day? In the beginning, motivation sucks. I’m like “Yeah, that’s too easy, oh yeah, I can do it”. Then I feel like “Nooo I’m not ready,” and this is when my inside voice enters my monolog and tells me to push myself – I did this challenge for you, but also for myself. I recall my motivation, my goals and I close my eyes. My goal is to feel good! My nutrition is pretty okay, so why shouldn’t I treat my body with a great workout to finish the whole picture? Since I did a lot of challenges and I know about the feeling of ending one with the sexiest vibes, I think about those times again and again. I look forward to the end of the month where I say to myself that I did it. I beat my lazy inside, I proved that I am strong and I believe in myself. This is enough motivation.
What can I do when I don’t find a certain rhythm? Try different times during a day. At the end of the month, I realized that late PM workouts helped me to find my balance, whereas in the first two weeks, I did my routines right before work around 7 AM. Make sure to test yourself if you are more a morning, evening or afternoon person.
Why did you choose those exercises? I am a runner and running needs a lot of preparation, but also care in general. I realized that certain core exercises help me have a better posture which is so good for my running routines. Also, having a stable core helps me being more flexible and I believe it’s the best addition to my running. Any exercise from this challenge helps you beyond more than “toning a cute waste” or whatever your goal is. I want my whole body to benefit and feel good.
Did it all work out? Well, I already told you, me and the leaning camel won’t be friends… but yeah, all in all, I was able to do all the exercises.
Have you seen results so far? Unfortunately, Easter came across and I ate a lot of chocolate, haha. But yeah, of course I saw results. I was sore quiet early in this challenge and I felt my abs working… my lower abs are okay, but I believe that I worked more on my obliques and baby abs – which is okay for four weeks.
Would you do it again? Oui! I still do certain exercises every day, just because I know how well they are for my body!
Was there something you didn’t like and you regret including it in the challenge? I knew it won’t be easy, but focusing on the abs is pretty real. Sometimes I wished that I mixed it with some legs exercises, so my core can relax for a little bit. But I wouldn’t say I regret it…
Do you take a break when you get sore muscles? I wanted to. There was one day where I couldn’t laugh, because my whole belly was hurting. I was beyond sore…but I learned that this is something good and I have to stick through the pain. It’s not that bad – just push yourself. Take your time and do the exercises a bit slower than usually…it’s okay. Just keep on keeping.
Is it normal to be sore so much? Better sore than sorry.
Is it okay to do other sports next to those routines? Hell yes. I was running and I felt a lot of good energy!
So was this a successful challenge for you? Yes. I mean I got to focus on my favorite problem and I learned a lot about myself and my body again. I see what kind of exercises suit me and which exercises should leave me alone forever! I feel good, I feel fresh, I’m beyond excited! ~

You see. I try to answer everything in the most purest way and I won’t lie about any detail. I’m real and you only get the real thoughts which float around in my head.
I hope you enjoyed my challenge and you enjoyed today’s words. Sometimes words are the best Motivation we need to kick our butts. Explaining ourselves why certain things matter opens our eyes to see and understand the real deal. Most importantly, we should never forget why we do all of this: IT’S ABOUT HAVING FUN! Spice up your daily lives and forget about your stressful day at work. Turn your negative energy into positive energy!

Sweat connects ~

I will talk to you soon again when I introduce my newest challenge #SummerFling & I thank you for always sweating with me ~