11:20 AM There's this one day which people love to ignore...some people ask why this day exists. Some people live this day just like any other day, others emphasize the importance of this day by celebrating it beyond. I'm talking about March 8th, International Women's Day.

I have to admit that I knew about the day, but I never took it as a special day just like a holiday or such. Becoming older, I love the fact that there are so many days throughout the year, where we have the opportunity to celebrate certain people or accomplishments. Nowadays, where we are not only surrounded by race issues, but also gender and equality issues, it's important to raise awareness. Treat every being on this planet just the way you want to be treated. Stop racism, sexism, and think about a  more tolerant world. We need more happiness around and we should lead by example - so far, we are struggling heavily.

I don't struggle with being a woman. I know about my rights and I know how to speak up for them...the problem is that there are countries where laws forbid women to have a voice and then there are countries where men believe they have the right to decide about our choices and lives. We are all equal - that's what they say - but then we don't get the same opportunites, we don't get the same , money and as soon as we come along with a confident attitude we are called bitches or anything like that. Dudes talk about girls like trophies and I believe it's time to call us queens and nothing else. We are the ones who give birth to those disgusting guys - our bodies transform to the weirdest conditions, and at the same time we are able to write history.

Don't mess with us females.

With Off Color, I talk about anything which inspires me, but I also want to discuss topics which happen in today's society. I wake up often, reading the news, or I see stuff right in front of my eyes...the only thing which comes up in my mind is: can we just live? Is this so hard?

This year's International Women's Day is important to me, because I support females around. I speak for my mother, my grandmother, my sister, myself, but also my sisters around me who inspire me. Don't let people tell you to shut up. Fight.

The motto for March 8th is #BeBold - a motto which is so perfect if you ask me.

Let's be bold and inspire each other!

Head over to their website to learn more about events and female rights - there's a lot we can do!

I chose to celebrate women's achievement this year, since there are many ladies out there who changed the world for better. Do we appreciate it? Not enough!

What will you do to #bebold for Change?
Let's discuss.