Freitag, März 10

9:44 PM Some things always happen for a reason. The last days, my sister went to Berlin for a little business trip and I had the duty to babysit her flat - a mini vacation for me, I would say.
Actually this happened at the right time...I needed a new/ familiar scenery again where I don't have the same routine as usual. I know, I often mention it here - having a rountine is essential.
Sometimes, it also kills me, though. I feel like I need to break free and this where my body starts to freak out a bit. Since this happened a couple of times already, I started to understand my body's signals more and I try to prevent a little crazy moment like this with more balance and slow motion.

I noticed that a "work overload" is not healthy and it's also not good to do too much sport. For a longer time, I thought running could save me from everything. No matter what was up: I laced my shoes and I ran. I ran away and felt free again. Back at home, I still felt caged in...running made me forget things for a second, but it didn't release me. I got mad and I couldn't figure out what was wrong. Then, when I felt exhausted, I decided to do nothing: just stay in bed and listen to music. This didn't help either. After a long journey and the same symptons came back here and there, I mixed my perfect idea catalog which can help me to unwind and forget the daily structure.

A strong weekly perfomance is essential, but I can only perfom well when I know how to unwind right at the weekends.

My problem was that my off or chill time was forced and I wanted to do too much at the same time. I forced myself to relax, I said to myself that I need to read the book to be happy...I need to watch this movie so I will feel xyz - but I actully didn't feel like doing anything of that. So after going all through this, I still felt stressed out. Another week was ahead of me and I still didn't know how to unwind from the past days or weeks - it felt like a nightmare.

Having so many hobbies and pleasures which I would love to do 24/7, I noticed that anything of that can make me unwind and forget about this and that. Yes, this includes running, and yes it includes taking pictures, but it also includes making my nails, cleaning my space, or taking care of my note books. The only rule you have to remember is to keep on doing what you like to do! Relaxing doesn't mean you have to do something fancy. If cooking is relaxing to you, please do so. If it's cleaning your sneaker collection - go ahead. I don't mind as long as the heart smiles and the body can finally breathe. Just don't force yourself - no pressure, nothing! Give your body time and space and everything will follow naturally.

If you happen to need ideas how to spend your weekend in a slow motion, maybe you should try these things (this is what relaxes me beyond) - test them and tell me how you feel ~

1. Read. No matter what subject: you can read something for your brain and curious inside, or you just read something which makes you unwind - no thinking, no big story - you decide! Reading will definitely give you many happy moments!
2. Spend time with your favorite person. My happy place...
3. Sweat your stress away. Exercise and let all your emotions free! Do your favorite activity or try something totally new! Don't workout until you pass out - find joy or pleasure in it and take it as a sweet treat.
4. Cook, bake, or go out and treat yourself with your favorite food. You always deserve it. Being hangry, puts us in a weird mood - don't let food ruin our good day! Go grocery shopping and prepare a special dinner - the anticipation of it gives you the kick you need. Planning this special treatment for yourself makes you feel beyond happy - believe me!
5. Go offline. Try it.
6. You had a bad week, annoying people etc.? Go outside. Tell yourself how beautiful this planet is. Appreciate mother nature and breathe in. Take a walk and enjoy being outside. You can also grab your bike and just ride around in the neighborhood - it's up to you!
7. Sleep + meditate. Listen to your favorite music and disconnect. Don't try to maximize your weekend days - here the days also got 24 hours, so don't go too crazy. You might be tired from the past week so it's no problem if you go to bed at 9pm on a Friday or Saturday evening. Let your brain, body, and mind rest. During the day you can sit down and meditate. Set new goals for next week or just think about things which make you feel grateful. This is how we charge new energy.


This is how I will spend my Weekend: working out, cleaning (I turn on my favorite vinyls and I will enjoy putting everything on the right spot) and then I will continue to treat my being with some kitchen things (maybe some blog content which I have to test cook, hehe) and then I will enjoy plenty of meditation and positive words. It can be so easy ~ It doesn't sound fancy, yes I said it before, but this will make me super happy, so I will start the next week in the perfect mood!

* The Picture above shows a routine which I enjoyed so much in NYC. After my work was done, I went to Whole Foods, bought this yummy pistachio cheesecake and then I visited my favorite magazine store where I got the latest and most expensive fashion magazines. I remember that day like it was yesterday - I was watching "A Nightmare Before Christmas" after that and I never felt more relaxed that day.
No matter what you do - just keep enjoying it.

Happy slowing down, lovebirds ~

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