11:24 AM Good question. You may remember my first post of 2017. I wanted this year to be a different year – not only for myself, but everything which is around me. I believe it’s time to take action. In my case, I read and studied a lot about environment and I started to care more about the ocean issue we are facing the next years. Certain sources already help us to understand this issue, but still, the majority of people likes to push those things away – they don’t care. Why should we care?

This is the problem of the next generation – bad attitude. Global warming, for example, is also happening RIGHT NOW. We need to take action now and not in 50 years! We already wasted too much time destroying or polluting our Mother Earth…now it’s time to get up and move. Let’s save our environment and especially our oceans, because I believe that you would love to experience this world just like it is right now, right? This condition is not promised – educate yourself.

I talked about this already in my "education first" post, where I talked a lot about this issue in general, but I noticed that I need to talk about it more. I want to fight for our oceans and that’s why I started a fundraising page where you can donate (1€ minimum) for ocean organizations which invest in research and clean ups, for example.

We can all be a part of this – one has to do the first step and I hope many others will follow.
It’s March already and somehow I felt bad.

I want to invest all my energy in this fundraising and my little fight for the blue paradise out there. So far, not much happened. I want to encourage you today to take action and join me. I hope you understand how serious this issue here is and that’s why I want to motivate you with many posts I will write in the near future. It doesn’t matter where you live – we can all help. Either way you donate a little amount of money or you take physical action.

Let’s get to know easy tricks for your daily lives ~ you are welcome!

1. ALWAYS bring your own shopping bag! I never had a bag with me...I thought that the shop has many plastic bags left over and I can always grab one when I shop too much. I did this 2 million times and today I feel bad that I did that. Then, one day, I invested in one bag which I am using now for 2-3 years already and I never leave the house without it. I don't regret it, I save money, and I save our environment.
2. Get yourself a reusable water bottle. In Germany, we recycle our water bottles and unfortunately I still use plastic bottles here and there (yes, shame on me). I got a water bottle which I always try to bring with me, but sometimes when I forget it at work, I need to rush to the supermarket and get a stupid plastic bottle which I will surely recycle. I am not a fan of this, so I will definitely check out glass water bottles a bit further soon. This is what I recommend to you, too! Invest in a great water bottle and if you happen to lose or forget it all the time (like me), then you better get two!
3. Same Thing goes with Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts and what ever you like. You love a good coffee, right? Me, too! I also go crazy for their iced things - everything which is served in a plastic cup. No one cares about the companies cups: bring your own cup to the coffee houses! Starbucks, for example, gives you 30 cents off when you come with your own cup! Perfect!
4. Cook more and don't grab your food to go. You can safe all the cutlery and straws which come along and also it's super handy to bring your own lunch in reusable containers - you save money, you have more fun experiencing food and you save the environment at the same time.
5. Don't support labels which include mirco plastic in their cosmetics. There are more and more companies who ban microbeads from their products! Every ingredient can be found on the product itself, so take your time when you go shopping - study the product or ask the workers if they know about mircobeads and "clean cosmetics".
6. Do you live close to the coast? Many communities around beaches organize beach clean-ups. Join such a session and show Mother Nature how much you respect her. In a group, people spend some hours outside and clean up the waste which comes across the ocean. Bring your kids, neighbors, and family - the more people, the better. If there is nothing happening in your community - organize an event by yourself!


If you would like to read more about the ocean pollution or you would love to learn simple facts about it, I recommend to check out Parley who I deeply support, but also the UN's new #CleanSeas campaign. Many good vibes come along, when you see people all around the world invest so much energy into this important issue ~ KEEP ON KEEPING! Thank you!!

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