8:52 PM Today is a very special — in my world. For those who don't know, in between my blogging career, I started an online magazine with my sister. We had five successful issues with which we celebrated creativity, sneakers, and everything urban. I was always happy to talk about sneakers, present new releases or share little sketches (I guess that's how my illustrating for "Sneaker Thursday" began). I was even happier when we started the "Trapped In The Closet" series where we talked to our friends who showed us their sneaker collection/ sneaker closets.

A few weeks ago, I realized that there is so much that we did for the magazine and since I am focusing more on my blog, those series are "unfortunately dead". That's why I am beyond happy that today, "Trapped In The Closet" will celebrate its comeback, here on Off Color. I already got a huge list with friends I want to present here in the near future - but today, I keep it in the family. I want to spread some love for my sister Kristina, who is also known as Fudge. I may say Fudge here and there, now you know why and especially who that is.

My sister has always been a huge inspiration – I'm her tiny twin, so I always tried to look like her or copy her style...I never succeeded. Our styles changed, but one thing stayed: our pure love for sneakers. While my sneaker selection was very simple when I was younger, my sister knew quiet early about the legendary designs and must-haves.
Every time we went to the US, she needed to bring the whitest Air Force with herself. I always shook my head. I bought myself adidas Superstars in the weirdest colors, she invested in more Air or mister Jordan. In 2009 we went to Berlin for a little get away. We headed to the Nike Store where my sister invested in a special Air Jordan edition — all silver and gold. Sounds weird, but it looked so good. She spent 110€ or such and I was sooo jealous about her cop, but I didn't have the money for that. I stole them from her here and then and every time I wore them, I thought I'm the coolest. This was the moment when I realized how g my sister is. You will never find a sole sister like her ~

Today, I guess my sister is more into simple designs (except of all the yeezy boosts - she still needs them all). Since she is redecorating her closet / bedroom, she couldn't show me all of her sneaker favorites, but I could capture some cool impressions for you. What do you say to that Stan Smith rainbow? Let's get to know Fudge and her sneaker closet.

1. How many sneakers do you own?
I own 10 pairs of sneakers; both running shoes and regular sneakers. However, I prefer a very simple yet classic design when it comes to my sneakers which is my most of my sneakers are adidas Stan Smiths.
2. Do you remember your first pair?
I believe it was either an adidas Superstar or Nike Cortez. I had both, but am not sure which one was the first that I had.
3. How did your passion for sneakers start?
I think my passion for sneakers stems from my dad. We kids were dressed like tomboys. So I guess that's why I always liked sneakers even before baddies and all these sneaker women were trending on social media.
4. What is your favorite pair or design?
My favorite pair are by far my adidas Stan Smiths.
5. What's your last sneaker Addition?
The last one I bought was my all white adidas Stan Smith.

6. Ever invested in a wrong pair?
I don't have any regrets when it comes to buying any of my shoes.
7. What do sneakers mean to you?
Sneakers are everything. I just love them. They are my favorite.
8. How does a perfect outfit of yours look like?
To me it's all about being comfortable so that could be some sweats that I rock with my running shoes or as it is now called "athleisure". Or I'll just grab my favorite Levi's and loose fit shirt in either white or grey and some Stans. I guess that's where some of my tomboy nature shows. :)
9. What's the worst sneaker trend so far?
Worst trend to me: Nike Air Max. I just find them ugly.
10. What's next on your shopping list?
I would like to get a lot more Stans in all possible colorways or a simple Nmd.

What shall I add? My sister just loves her Stans...I should have known it before this sneaker closet visit! I hope you enjoyed getting to know her and her little adidas rainbow. If you want to follow my sister, make sure to read her blog or talk to her on IG.
Let's see how will be featured next here. ~