3:32 PM What a beautiful day! Today, the sun is shining super bright and it feels like this past cold week is finally over – new light means new motivation and a lot of energy. Tomorrow will be my special day – I will start with running again (let’s see how my shin reacts).
The last weeks, my whole body has been preparing for a new and easy season. With easy season I mean looong and bright days – awesome temperatures to run and sweat, less clothes, and even more smiles. It’s time to get spring ready and therefore, I was quiet busy browsing through new collections and gear. I shared something like this last year already and I think the thought of sharing active things is a pretty nice one. I can show you things that I like, new releases, or I can present you my little dream fellas which land on my personal shopping list.

For this spring season, my highest priority is recovery and therefore I want to invest more into things which help me before and after my workout. I work out a lot at home, but I also run much as well…Stretching is super important to my routines, but I also need to strengthen my body and bones more. More vitamins, more tea, but also instruments which help my muscles to recover.

Invest in pieces which really help you! This is my number one tip….
I know sometimes, there are so many cool things, but at the end of the day we won’t use it. Check your closet: what do you need! Ask your body: are there any needs or things which would help you to perform in a better way? Often, simple things, such as headphones or a soothing face mask can rock your routines. Adding new things which make the whole picture perfect! Think more of the “before” and “after” – I bet this is something which many people tend to ignore here and then (me, too). Let’s get spring ready – step by step!

Tell me what you got on your list! I’m curious to hear everything!

Headphones Sony / Water Bottle S’well / Hat Public School / Backpack adidas / Face Mask Grown Alchemist / Recovery Ball Nike / Tea Paper and Tea / Strength Training Ball Nike / Bag ban.do / Case ban.do