10:43 AM Since today I am writing in a hundred different journals and I love remembering special moments like this. In elementary school, where I loved to write stories, I was forced to write a poem once and I hated it. As far as I can remember, it was about fall and I wrote about the trees changing their color and squirrels running around – it sucked and it didn’t rhymed at all, haha. From that day on, I hated poetry. I never understood the poems we talked about in school and I didn’t understand why we have to force one certain meaning for a creative short chaos of words. This changed before I finished high school. In my English class, I fell in love with English poetry and sometimes I agreed to read certain German passages as well.
With American hip hop, I basically embraced words more and I really got into understanding more beyond – my love for poetry began.

In my journals, I write about emotions that hit me, basic things which are on my mind, and sometimes I catch myself writing down things which seem to look like poetry – a little haiku, or philosophical questions which have deeper meanings. Due to my busy days, I noticed that I don’t write anymore on a daily basis, too bad, but that’s life. I told myself, I will try to sit down and write down little pieces…just a couple of thoughts or motivations which keep me going.
With the writing club, I force myself to sit down and write. I don’t let stress or daily duties keep me away from my passion… I skipped through my last weeks, pages over pages: a lot of poetry.

After the last book club session, where I discussed female athletes, an empowering inspiration for me and you, I thought it’s time to dedicate some time to poetry again.

Let’s read poetry, lovebirds.

There are still people out there who think like me in elementary school. Stupid sentences which no one understands…silly sayings, confusing rhymes…whatever it is, it is annoying. WRONG. Fact is, you need to find a poet who speaks to your heart and soul. It has to go under your skin – this is when you notice how real poetry is. Forget any novels for a second – poetry speaks the truth. This is why I want to discuss Rupi Kaur’s “Milk & Honey” next.

This book is a New York Times best seller and there are one million reasons to emphasize this. Rupi’s words a healing and inspiring at the same time. Topics like love, abuse, trauma, violence, womanhood, and most importantly love appear in this book. Don’t have any prejudices – this is not a cheesy I love you, you love me book. If you happen to participate and you pick up the book, then read it with your favorite music on and just enjoy word after word. It will hit you.

Lovebirds, get yourself a copy of Milk & Honey here and let’s discuss about it in 4 weeks. If you feel inspired to write me earlier, you can surely hit me up on Twitter and talk to me. Write me anywhere you want to and if you want to get to know Rupi right now, check out her Instagram, where she posts a lot of her poetry and illustrations.

Enjoy the book and let’s chat in 4 weeks! Let poetry make you fall in love again ~