Dienstag, März 21

9:51 AM It’s no secret. I love Japan and I love anything Japanese related. As a photographer myself, I love seeking inspiration from people who created years before me. People who defined photography or who brought their own style to a sometimes so boring scene. I always try to work on my skills, trying to mix it with something new or do things which I never wanted to do – it’s all about being open and educate oneself.
My education is happening through a lot of reading or sharing art through the Off Color Art Club. That’s why I wanted to share some photography with you today. I hope Yutaka Takanashi inspires you just as much as he inspires me. The Off Color Art Club celebrates any creative being out there – may it be photography, graphic design, art, or cinematography. You could be featured next.

What I like about Takanashi? I am totally into black and white photography and I love story telling with such a pure dedication. Takanashi worked in different industries and covered next to fashion a lot of urban culture, but also city life. His images are the best way to experience a raw Tokyo – not a Tokyo we see in books or TV here and then. (No disrespect: I love the colorful crazy Tokyo culture but as a history major I am so into history and I guess Japan has more culture and history than crazy anime and wicked fashion).

Enjoy my little photography crush and I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday! ~

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