4:17 PM Oh boy. Today’s topic always drives me nuts. My whole life I am trying to find the best face treatments, care products or whatever benefits a good and healthy skin. This is really frustrating, don’t you think?
As a kid, with pure and soft skin, everything is fine. Then puberty hits you. Hormones drive you crazy – food and other things start to irritate your skin. Time to invest in our first helpers or things which will disappoint us. Don’t ask me how many things I bought and never used again after the first usage… So many products made my skin flip out even harder than before.
As a little sister I was lucky to basically try everything my sister used. We are kind of the same, so the same products will help the both of us, I thought. Okay, I was wrong.

I didn’t have a lot of money to invest into crazy brands so I always bought the cheapest things with the most appealing package design. I used it and nothing happened. I still had my pimples here and there or my skin got irritated because of xy – I dealt with it, put make-up on top or cried that I don’t want to leave the house like this, haha. After I found my perfect face lotion, I stopped using any gels or peelings for my face. Only cold water and my lotion will provide me with everything my skin needs. That’s how I rolled. For a long time…

One day I noticed that my skin got a bit dry - mostly my forehead. I blamed the season for it – sometimes my skin was super soft and normal, other days it was rough and dry. I checked online, started to learn about facial diy’s or easy masks which don’t cost a lot – mostly natural things. Those things were great to learn about, but they didn’t satisfy me 100%. I decided to go to my favorite grocery store and spend a lot of time there to really get to know every product.
I didn’t want to buy something just like that – I wanted to buy a product which will be by my side for a little bit; a product in which I can trust and look beautifully without any breakouts or such.

I really don’t know anything about skin care. What do I have to check? Is there something important which I should take care of? I didn’t know… I only wanted something which makes my skin look flawless 24/7 – does this product exist? After a little bit, I checked Neutrogena’s visibly clear daily peeling. A peeling was perfect, I thought. I needed something which helped me during the days when my skin feels too dry. I read the whole label, smelled it – uhhh, pink grapefruit, and bought it. (That was ca. 5 years ago). Since that day, we are best buddies! I never bought any other product when it comes to peelings for my face! I love the smell, love the texture, and love, love, love the outcome! My skin is the smoothest afterwards! I really enjoy using it and the side effect when using it too much isn’t bad at all, because this skin care product is suuuper affordable!

Lately, I also added the cleaning wipes to my cleaning routine. Since the peeling convinced me beyond, I love having the wipes with me wherever I go. It’s the best way to stay clean no matter if I am running outside, or I am out for a milkshake date. I love taking those with me during my travels, so I am not in need of carrying all the heavy bottles – happy travelling, I would say ~ So far, Neutrogena really makes me happy and especially clean. Thank you!

My #1 buddy in my bathroom would be Garnier’s Skin Active micellar water. I saw this standing on the shelf and I was fascinated with the word “micellar” (don’t ask me why). I am into science…I haven’t heard of it before and somehow this product made me curious. Also, it says all in 1 – that means that this thing is a super hero, right? Somehow I wasn’t convinced (yet). I checked other brand’s facial water offers...I didn’t want to invest in “water” when all I did before was using the water I already got at home. Does this water with a perfume scent and weird things inside help me? I don’t know. I went back to the Garnier shelf and I was brave. I took it.

Back then, there weren’t many micellar waters to choose from, so I thought this might be a good beginning (at least I hoped for it). Pricewise, the micellar water was in the same range as my pink grapefruit peeling – all good. At home I used it for the first time. I was a bit frustrated. I cleaned my face twice a day with it – I couldn’t tell anything: is there a difference? Does my skin glow? I noticed that my skin didn’t react to it in a negative way. Yessss.

After a couple of days, I noticed that my skin liked it. Not only does the micellar water remove make-up, but it also leaves a fresh and tight feeling after washing my skin with it. It doesn’t burn or smell weird, that’s why I thought it’s not working. But my skin is moist and it looks healthy! That’s how I got to know my #1 buddy.

I’ve been using those three things now for a little bit and since then my skin is happier than ever. Don’t get me wrong: washing your face with water is not wrong! But as soon as you notice that your skin could use a little refreshing moment with lotion or peeling, invest in one. We are all getting older and taking care of our skin is very important.

Remember that our skin is the biggest organ in our body so our duty is to treat it, care for it and be nice to it.

Question: how does your face routine look like? Any tips? Favorites? What color does your palette look like?

Happy Thursday ~