9:13 AM What a beautiful morning. What a beautiful month! March is one of my favorite months of the year…for us sneaker freaks, March has always a certain importance or it brings cool things along that make our daily lives a little bit more exciting.

Today we celebrate Air Max Day and guess what the first design is already turning 30 – but 30 looks good on you shorty, no worries! Can you believe how many crazy Air Max designs exist?
Do you have a favorite design? I bet you own at least one pair as well ~

I am so happy that Nike created this Air Max month - a month where we can look back at awesome designs and celebrate greatness. In diverse cities you might be lucky to catch a handful of Air Max events – seeing classic designs and also today’s new release, the Air VaporMaxbeing the most light and flexible Air out there. I loved being on diverse social media channels, seeing how others celebrate this so inspiring design. Sharing pictures or creating cool outfits where they highlighted their special favorite. Of course I would like to show my appreciation of this design as well. That’s why I illustrated my top 3 designs for you, presenting you my dear lovelies which stole my heart until today.

1. The Nike Air Max 1 atmos Safari (rerelease 2016). I remember when this shoe came out for the first time…I was confused about the animal print on a sneaker, but it intrigued me a lot. No one had those sneakers and I believed that atmos really brought the perfect spice to create modern versions of the Air Max design. Hirofumi Kojima, the creative director of the Japanese label atmos, explained his idea like this: "I remember talking with the people in Nike Japan, who were involved in the project, about creating something crazy and stupid that would give impact to the market. We happened to find a pair of vintage Nike kids shoe with zebra print, and we decided to create shoes with animal prints under the concept of zoo." Good idea, Hirofumi! It's my personal favorite!! In 2016, the design came back with a rerelease having a thin blue sole as a little highlight.

2. The classic design. The Air Max 1 (1987). So simple, but very charming! If you start getting familiar with the whole history about the Air Max, you will even love the design more. Tinker Hatfield changed the game forever when he visited Paris and got inspired by Centre Georges-Pompidou. When architecture meets shoe design – we all have to thank Paris (and Tinker). Watch a cool video about it here.

3. The Nike Air Max Hyperfuse Independence Day Pack (2013). Back then, I was writing daily coverages about sneakers, here on Off Color, and I remember that day just like it was yesterday. I read the press release about this awesome Air Max release and although the shoe came in a monotone way (one shoe was blue, another was white, and the third one of course red), I loved how one color alone could highlight a shoe so much. I headed over to the blog and wrote about it in the most exciting way. The blue version was my favorite – unfortunately I couldn’t get one pair….so I needed to draw it today to have it as a piece of art!

What do you think about those designs? Tell me about your #1 Air Max – I’m curious to hear about it!!

Happy Air Max Day ~