Sonntag, März 19

6:26 PM Oh hydration, how important you are. I have to admit, my biggest struggle. As a kid, I loved my sweet juices or my coke, water was not on my list. Becoming older, I tried flavored water - it was okay, but it didn't convince me.

In my family, everyone drinks water... I was a bit chubby as a teenager and I wanted to take care of my body more, trying to heal myself. I knew I had to give water a chance! I bought plenty of water bottles and I drank them. Sometimes I was disgusted, sometimes I didn't taste anything and then I had days where it really refreshed me. Still, I missed my sweet stuff.

I started to understand that water isn't water!

My first experiments were the reason why I never enjoyed water so much: high content on iron makes the water unenjoyable for me. Water has to be smooth and neutral, not heavily flavored like iron or metal flavor. Years after that, I can finally say that my journey was long, but I'm there. I'm a water drinker!
The only struggle I have today is to drink more, but this battle will be over soon, I hope. Since being more active and understanding about hydration and water in general, I just love testing different waters now. There are so many companies, giving us the best water out there - I guess it should all be tested and enjoyed once. Of course I do also like to taste "crazy" new flavors like birchwater (which you can read about here) — I'm always ready!!!

I never thought I could be so excited about water...
In New York, I always love to get the things I can't get here in Germany and sometimes I catch myself writing lists what I will test next - the list is super long! On top of my list was "Boxed Water". I saw it everywhere on Instagram and I was curious to taste water which comes in a box - clever thing and super sexy design. I'm in! During my last trip home, I found the coolest bodega and I fell in love right away. I wasn't in the mood to shop at the big supermarkets, so I was happy to spend some time at the bodega. On my way out I saw "Boxed Water" waiting for me (which I already forgot about). Of course I needed to grab it and test it before I forget about it again.

I think I spent 2$ for it which was okay - to be honest I would have paid anything, haha. I took it with me to my hotel room and I was excited to try it the next morning. After waking up, I enjoyed my sweet Mexican mango which I bought in SoHo's streets and I took my first sip of Boxed Water. I was super curious and excited - my expectations where high. After my first sip, I didn't notice anything - rather a good sign I thought. It's okay, pretty good! I took more sips and took it with me up north to Central Park. After my workout session there, I was in need of a refreshment! I finished my Boxed Water and after that I still felt like in morning - it's pretty good. I was waiting for the wow moment, I guess, but I can tell you there is no wow moment. This is "only" water — but it is good water!

My experience was positive and I liked the simplicity of it! It's refreshing and pure. Most importantly it is smooth and doesn't taste like iron! The only minus point I have to give is the very last sips might taste a bit weird - the paper box flavored my last water drops which is pretty normal for a box like that - just be prepared!

I love supporting brands like Boxed Water! Such a good alternative to our plastic bottles - you know about this issue! Invest in something which can benefit our environment! ~
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