4:28 PM Last weekend, I told you about the importance of unwinding on the weekend. It’s so good to take a break from everything and just focus on yourself. This could be a simple treat, a workout, or you do the things you love to do the most.
This weekend is blessing us with a lot of rain…not a lot of fun, but since I am forced to stay at home, I decided to add new routines or structures to my daily sweat sessions.

How’s the challenge going so far, lovebirds? Are you participating? I have to admit that besides of all the fun and nice soreness it brings, there are many exercises which are already killing me. Each day I am thinking that I don’t have the power to succeed, especially when I am already sore, haha. What I noticed is that there is one thing missing which is on my to-do list for so long: stretching and warming up. It is so important to give your body the perfect vibes before you perform in your best behavior. Give yourself time to warm up and breathe. Don’t jump right into it.

Today I thought I might start my day with a little yoga routine. I say hello to my muscles and bones and I start the day with the best stretch out there: the sun salutation. I put on some smooth hip hop beats and jumped into my workout clothes.

I can tell you that those are the best moves to prepare your body for more! After the sun salutation you will feel happy, empowered, and inspired. Have you tried it yet?
Check out this video to understand the whole process. It’s easy – you can do it, too ~

*the picture above is from 2014. I woke up in my Bathing Ape shirt in the smallest bed in Manhattan ~ somehow a pretty smooth morning as well! Happy weekend to you!