Sonntag, März 19

7:38 AM Gooood morning! Yes, it’s a good morning – even better: a happy morning! I hope you all woke up with a big smiley face, because today is International Day of Happiness. This means: get up, stretch, and smile. Look forward to anything that happens today and put your grumpy face aside for one moment. Smile at your neighbor or the person who sits next to you in the subway. Be nice to the people around you and make the whole world smile with you – it’s so easy!


Since I am into changing things, I want to take the opportunity today and tell you once more about the importance of helping – making others happy. Unfortunately, there are people around the world who have a different definition of a happy life and they don’t live with the same luxurious standards that we have: may it be wealth, property, or rights. This is something which can be applied to nature, as well. Nature is suffering and just like my example before, nature is suffering in diverse ways and locations. There are many issues on this planet right now which we need to understand and focus on. It doesn’t matter: humans or Mother Nature: we need to help each other and protect what can be protected. For this year’s International Happiness Day there is so much positive action going on and today I would like to share something cute which has to be seen. The smurfs are on a mission and this mission deals with the exact things I just mentioned. Watch the video and learn how to create a happier planet!

Let’s do something about it. Take action and inspire one another! I send you smiles and I hope we can make the world a happier place ~ from me to you.

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