5:49 PM Growing up is super exciting. All of a sudden, you start to think about stuff which never mattered to you and your focus is on weird and absurd things sometimes. Since I have never been a girly girl, I seldom cared about handbags and designer things.
When I was a teenager, I started to learn about certain designers by accident and since back then I stuck to my certain selection – one of my heroes being Rei Kawakubo.

As far as I can remember, I never had a list of my dream designer bags. Furthermore, I never had the need of buying a super expensive bag – for what? Then, one day, I told myself that as soon as I am rich, I will get myself the classic Chanel bag. Just because. This dream exists until today.

My sister is totally into designer bags and she keeps on talking about her next purchases; me, who’s listening curiously, always leaves the conversation thinking when will my time come when I start to invest and write dream lists which have no ending.

I’m in my 20s and I still haven’t invested.

I spend my money on my vacations and sneakers...
Am I too late? When I walk around, I see so many girls (younger than me) with MCM, Michael Kors or even Céline bags. Okay… I’m honest. I feel bad to spend 800€ for a bag which I don’t use every day. BUT the time has come that my inside keeps on telling me to get used to growing up. It’s a natural process, I guess, and I even catch myself so many times now talking about new colors or designs which come along.
At work, I love chatting with my coworkers about YSL bags or how pretty those designs are in general. Oh yeah, I feel it. I can’t hide anymore. I’m growing up and I start to become a typical girl in her 20s.
So what now? This week I wrote my first dream list. (To be honest…I already know which bag I want to buy first…) I actually got the money, but I still want to save a little bit, because you never know what happens (maybe I will need the money for REALLY IMPORTANT things…).

Growing up messes me up, as well. Thinking about those things makes me happy and it excites me also - with being older I can afford more things for which I worked beyond hard. But do I need to treat myself with an expensive bag? Does having certain labels makes me a better person? Don't ask me. I'm still figuring out what to answer to this question...
I guess this topic has a lot of pros and cons. The most important thing is to know about them. Making a list, thinking if one can afford it and if it's really an important need right now.

Lovebirds, how do you feel about it? Do you enjoy those pretty side effects of growing up? Tell me about your favorite bag designs! Maybe this one isn’t on my list yet.

Happy dreaming to all of you ~

OH YES, I LIKE YOU. Bao Bao Issey Miyake / Mini MAC Rebecca Minkoff / Posey Tote Kate Spade / Monogram Micro Quilted Leather Crossed Body Saint Laurent / Small Flap Stella McCartney / GG Marmont Matelassé Gucci / Faye Chloé / Leather Geometric Wristlet Issey Miyake / Medium Boy Bag Chanel / Saint Laurent Monogram Bag Saint Laurent