Mittwoch, März 8

5:32 PM After yesterday's little intro to today's #InternationalWomensDay and the motto #BeBoldForChange, I would like to share my hero when it comes to being bold. Since this illustrating thing is keeping me more and more excited, I thought it's the best way to present today's strong female like this.

This woman's name is no secret and I actually don't want to write a biography about her, more importantly, I want to tell you things about Frida Kahlo which you maybe didn't know and beyond that show you how bold people like her can inspire me and you.

1. No matter what you read about her, Frida always comes along as a strong woman, maybe you can also call her a little rebel. Her birthday, for example, which is on July 6 1907 was changed by Frida herself to July 7 1910, the beginning of the Mexican Revolution - coming along with a modern Mexico.
2. Frida is the perfect example for equality and anti-clichés. She dressed herself like a female, but that doesn't mean that she's only doing girly things. One day, she started being a part of a gang with whom she battled all the time. They did many tequila contests which Frida of course won, proving that she can be a tough guy as well.
3. This woman is all about peace. The name Frida comes from German "Friede" which means peace - perfect name for this Mexican queen if you ask me.
4. One thing which meant a lot to Frida was her heritage - being proud of where you come from. She was always seen with colorful blouses and skirts, the traditional robes which represent Mexico the best.
5. She could have been a miserable soul after she had a terrible accident, but instead she was fighting. She had to spend many months in hospitals and she couldn't move around - this is when her passion was born. She found her destiny through this tragedy. This shows us to hold tight too and keep on keeping - no matter what it is.
6. Spread knowledge. Frida was also a teacher who obviously taught others about art. It's great to see that she cared about knowledge and sharing it with people who burn for it as well.
7. Never give up! She made it to her exhibitions no matter what conditions she had to go through. Her passion and thirst was real and she made the impossible possible.
8. Her sexuality was no secret - she was bisexual and didn't feel ashamed of it. She explored both with no regrets or any shame.
9. She inspires to create and stick to the things you love the most or you feel the most comfortable. Being focused and dedicated can bring the greatest things along. Today she can be found on Mexico's 500 peso bill which shows what huge influence this icon has.
10. Last, but not least a point which empowers me personally a lot! Frida was 100% pro feminist! She was all about self-love, body positivity and she didn't care about gender roles. Every photograph or self-portrait shows a Frida with bushy and full eyebrows and a little mustache - anti the picture or stereotype which society loves so much. Some would say she doesn't look like a lady who takes care of her facial features etc., others celebrate her for celebrating her special features. This is nature and we shouldn't hide when we look a bit different - this is what makes us special. Frida thought that mustaches look cool and she even filled her eyebrows to make them look fuller. This is Frida.

What an inspiration. Don't you think? I love learning about characters like hers and I feel confident to celebrate my weirdness or special body parts just like she does!

Who's your bold female hero whom you celebrate today?

Let's be bold together ~
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