3:26 PM I thought that’s the best title for today’s post. I don’t want to write a super long intro to this topic, since you might see from the picture what this is about! For so long, I was looking for a good recipe to do my own power balls with all the super powers you can imagine. One thing needs to be mentioned here: I hate dates. SO MUCH. So where do I get the perfect recipe from? (Each recipe comes with mashed cashews or dates which is too much work plus too many negative vibes for me).

I actually gave up.

I found a great protein ball at my grocery store which is so delicious, but so expensive. I told myself that once a month this investment might be okay. The thing is…I work out a lot – I need healthy snacks 24/7 and that’s why I am beyond happy that I finally found something which I can make at home and the good thing is that you might have everything already in your kitchen. Let’s save some $ and be happy ~

(makes 24 life savers)

YOU NEED 3/4 Cup peanut butter (I used dark chocolate peanut butter to have some extra chocolate haha) + 1/2 Cup dark chocolate chips + 1/2 Cup chia seeds or any seed that you like + 1 Cup coconut flour + 1/2 Cup-1 Cup grounded nuts (I chose hazelnut) + 2-3 tablespoons honey + 1 teaspoon vanilla + extra cocoa powder for decoration

1. If you don’t have any coconut flour at home, do it yourself and ground some coconut flakes until they are soft like flour.
2. In a bowl, mix everything together and stir it until you get a smooth but sticky mixture. If you notice that your dough is too liquid or not sticky enough, add more nuts or seeds – no problem!
3. Now take 1 teaspoon full of dough and roll your power balls.
4. If you want to coat them like those fancy truffles, prepare a plate with cocoa and coat your power balls until there’s no spot left.
5. Put them aside on a tray or put them in a box and store them in the fridge for at least 1 hour. I love to keep them in the fridge the whole night so the next day I have really “hard” power balls with rich flavors.

I hope you enjoy those just as much as I did. (I’m still looking for more recipes when it comes to those babies, so if you got THE perfect recipe – share it!) The best thing about this recipe is that you won’t be able to eat more than 3 – they are suuuper stuffing. This is what we like ~

Happy ballin’ to you ~