8:40 AM While January was such a powerful and inspiring month, February feels pretty normal – the usual daily bla bla. I have to admit that I have never experienced such a thing before and history is really crazy right now! As a young citizen of this planet, I am hoping to experience a fair future with all the conditions and rights we are fighting for now, but we also shouldn’t forget what generations did before us! Protests and people hitting the streets to speak up their minds and raise voices happened so often already – history is literally repeating itself – which is amazing! Here I’m talking about the fact that people use their power to fight for a better world, not the sad fact that we still need to protest to be heard and seen.

The Women’s March in Washington, and so many other places around the world, was a very good beginning to demonstrate what female power is all about. We are stronger than some think and we deserve the same rights. Women fight for speaking up more, not being pushed in any corner or stereotypes. I am so proud to say that I am a woman in this modern time, although I have to struggle here and there as well. I am super inspired these last weeks and I understand more and more what’s my duty in being a woman: yes, every female out there has a certain mission and we should all lead by example.

Today, I am more than grateful that my mom raised two strong girls who appreciate sisterhood and equality, no matter if it’s about women or men. I also learned how important it is to support a sister (not only my blood sister), but also to see the value of the person and strengthen talents or basically the beautiful sites of a person. Danke, Mama.

Now that the world is watching and the marches are celebrated as a huge success, there is one more question left: what’s going on now? As I said in the intro, February is just a normal month in comparison to crazy January. What will follow after this massive event? Are people quiet now? Was all the work for nothing – or does something major come up now? Some of us are waiting for it, others don’t care, others get active. Who are you?

If you are a female, make sure to keep on fighting! The storm isn’t over yet, even if it seems a bit quiet now. You ask yourself what YOU can do... Well, it’s easy.

1. Support in a visual way: Be creative and create your own shirts with a special message or shop shirts and sweaters which emphasize female power.
2. Join campaigns! There are many campaigns, all around the world, fighting for women rights and equality. Spread their message, talk to your friends about it or support in a financial way!
3. Talk about it. It’s important! If you have kids, shop books about great females and read them to them! At the supermarket, compliment your people around you, discuss things if you want to discuss. If you hear someone making racy comments, talk to him/her. It’s all about being open – use your voice!
4. Watch movies about great female characters! Educate yourself – yes!!! There are sooo many great books about females, leaders, and our power to succeed!
5. Plan events! Meet with your girlfriends and talk about your thoughts and experiences!
6. Write! I am a writer as well. Being online so much, I use my power to write posts like this. I spread my words, emotions, and dreams and I hope I can inspire one or two people out there.

This sounds like nothing, but it is so important to keep moving! No matter what you are doing – speak up, smile, and be a proud female!

I am so happy that companies out there are fighting for our rights as well! Nike, for example, inspired me today to create this illustration! Next to writing, I will definitely create more female power enforcing through illustrations which you can print out and stare at your place or wherever you are. The Force is female is my current favorite advertisement and I am just happy to see the world acting. FINALLY!

Tell me about your thoughts! How do you feel about this right now? Are you active or doing anything in your free time? Share your stories ~