Freitag, Februar 24

6:57 PM Ginger, there is something about you.

What do you think about ginger? Like it? Hate it?
My personal relationship with it is pretty simple: I love it and I need to have it almost every day! I'm a fan of ginger in my food, but I could never imagine it having it in my drinks, for example. One day, I started drinking ginger tea and then, during winter time, I made hot water with lemon and ginger my favorite. As soon as I cut my ginger roots, the smell is killing me and I could literally eat it like that! It's my drug...such a great thing with so many benefits - it couldn't get better!

I'm writing this post today and I count back...it has been 5 weeks without running - it killed me, but it made me be creative! For those who don't know about my current struggle: I was doing my normal running routines until I noticed a shin pain which got worse each time I ran. I decided to stop for a little bit and focus on a little bit of stretching and normal cardio training (I definitely don't want to take a break now...).

Let me tell you this. It's so hard to stop. A finger snap throws you off and you feel confused, maybe a bit lost. Running is my motivation, inspiration - anything. What am I supposed to do now?

Since 2017 has been a really reflective year so far and I am reading a lot about self-healing and natural therapies, I started searching the internet how I can fix my shin issue. My first reaction after a huge panic attack was hitting the drug store and get anything which helps my muscles to relax: herbs, salves, tea, lotions - name it, I bought it.

I AM SO INTO NATURE! And I love learning about our environment. When our body needs iron or magnesium, we eat certain things and our body feels good again. I told myself that this should work with my shin issue as well. After a long research session, I noticed that all salves contain ginger or anything warming which relaxes the muscles.
Here we go.

I figured I should mix a soft oil which will be soothing for my muscles and especially warming for my shin and blood circulation. In Addition to that, I bought extra magnesium (just in case...) let's see if this therapy works, I thought....

I prepared everything, cooked my ginger oil and I was ready - beyond ready.
Now after four weeks, I am happy. In the morning I take one magnesium pill and in the evening I dedicate my shin some me time - this means: massaging my shin, creating a little heat spot on top of my shin and provide it with the soooo good smelling ginger oil! I do this twice and I try to be very kind to my whole leg area...

Since my ginger oil therapy, there has no pain been yet. My leg feels good and it smells very delicious, haha.
Lovebirds, I can recommend you to use ginger in your recovery process! No matter if you are a runner or not. Ginger is such a crazy thing! Pain, muscles problems, headache - anything can be fixed with ginger!

Soon, I will start to run 1 or 2k, just to see if I can do it or if I need extra time to heal. My ginger oil will definitely support me during my routines from now on - no matter if I'm injured or not!
This just woke me up to treat my body more! Listen to signals and give your body the medicine it needs, may it be love, rest, or stuff like iron or magnesium.


YOU NEED 1/2 cup sesame oil + 1-2 ginger roots

1. Take a sauce pan and fill it with a half cup of sesame oil. Heat it up.
2. The ginger roots need to be cut in little chunks without the skin - as soon as they are ready, throw them into the oil and cook them in the hot oil for 5 minutes.
3. Stand next to your sauce pan - the oil shouldn't be too hot and we don't want the ginger to burn too fast.
4. As soon as the ginger changes the color, make sure to take it out! (We don't want any burned or bitter aromas in our oil)
5. Let the oil cool down and fill it in a handy bottle.

Tell me about your road to recovery! What is your secret trick to heal yourself?
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