2:49 PM Fresh air and the brighest sun rays kiss my face today - spring is coming, I can feel it (and I want it!!). To start this week off right, I was thinking about sharing new art with you. Yes, it's time for a new Off Color Art Club (finally!!). I know, I know.

There are times where I see so many great artists and I would love to feature them all here on the blog...then again, the timing has to be right. I have a timetable and I plan a lot ahead, so sometimes there is no space for spontaneous ideas. To cut a long story short: today is the day where I want to share someone's work which really inspired me lately! During winter, I tend to crave more colors, but it sholdn't be an overload for my eyes. Gabriel Nazoa knows how to compose and play with colors, such as structure. Those prints here combine the awesome world of athletism with art and I love to just stare at each piece for hours! So cool! Really refreshing! What do you think? Is this the perfect sporty motivation for you?

You want more? Check out his work right here ~ Happy Monday!