5:39 PM While I love listening to my mixes when I run, I noticed that there are certain vibes missing in my collection yet. Next to running, I force myself to meditate more. Yes, I use the word force, because sometimes I forget to care about myself. I ignore my body's signals and I don't rest as much as I should. Meditation helps me to find focus and treat myself more. The human body needs resting time and we should dedicate that time more and more - forgetting about our hectic scheduals and just relax! I know it sounds so easy, but including meditation to your life is quiet a good challenge.

There are days where I master it and then there comes a time where I totally forget about it again. A few weeks ago, I woke up at 3 AM and I couldn't sleep anymore. Too many thoughts running through my mind. I told myself I needed to find back to sleep through meditation...guiding myself to a calm sleep with positive thoughts. Minutes passed and I just stared at my dark room - nothing is working! My Ipod was full of good music, but for a little meditation session I wasn't prepared - all of that stuff is on my laptop, which was too far away from my bed.

Whenever I am in the mood for instrumentals, I listen to Wun Two - one of my favorite people!! I imagined to listen to his chilled bossa nova vibes and the next thing I remembered was a relaxed me, waking up the next morning!

I got up and wrote down my favorite songs which could help me fall asleep faster or just let me meditate for a little bit. And here we are - after my "Vibe and Run" mix, I finally did a meditation mix for me and especially YOU.

I hope you enjoy it just as much as I do! Happy Thursday, lovebirds ~