8:53 PM Something deep inside of me tells me to go on the hunt. It's still sale out there and there may be pieces waiting for me - who knows? On the other hand... I will soon be back in NYC and I should rather put my money aside and just calm down, haha. Again, I sit down and check what's up in the online world...it may be seducing, but I'm just doing this for you! I'm sharing my monthly favorites with you again and I continue pondering what I will do. Looking and checking out doesn't hurt and it doesn't cost a thing! The best thing is that I already saw plenty of spring or summer inspiration and I can't wait to wear the craziest combinations under the burning sun - how sweet ~

What turns you on this month? Any favorites?
I don't know what it is...those Air Force. The bag. THE BAG!! Basically everything above is just making me dream. Let's dream together ~ Happy Sunday!

Sweater Off-White / Pants Isa Arfen / Bag YSL / Earrings Lana Large / Sneakers Nike / Lipstick Smashbox