4:32 PM Say what, say what. Yes - say what! It's time again to challenge yourself! Summer will be here soon, so you know what that means...

After my last challenge (#buttIcare), we move on from the butt area to the core area. A nice butt looks even better with a beautiful waste and stomach - that's why we will focus on our middle section this whole March.

With #absolutely we will try different exercises which focus on our beloved muffin top, or just the simple front size from under the boobs until the waste line of your jeans. I know the struggle of working on this special area...ask me how much I hate it!

I never was the thinnest and my body is pretty curvy. As a teenager I started working on my perfect beach body, but I never succeeded, haha. I knew what my exact problem was, but there was a lack of motivation to stick to a routine and work on my problems...

Until today, my stomach is my problem zone, but now I feel more comfortable with it.

During the last years, I learned why my belly bloats here and there and I know what exercises help me to get rid of my muffin top or such.

So many sit-ups were done in my life. There were weeks where I didn't notice anything...this up and down thing isn't working. Sometimes I looked in the mirror and I noticed that the exercises that I did worked out, but somehow other body parts of mine reacted to them.

Google helped me to learn more about our fascia (our biological fabric that holds us together) and muscles in general. As soon as you look for belly workouts, every website recommends you to do sit-ups (not wrong). Did you notice that sit-ups help your waste line? No. This is when I learned about obliques and other things which happen in our belly zone.

To train the right spots means to know exactly about them.

So here we are. After my loooong studies, I found my little helpers which can kick my butt to work on my bikini stomach. I am not a fan of six packs, but I like to highlight my natural features, aka my curves. During summer time, you might catch some abs on my stomach...here and there I share those things, but it's really not a big deal - I just want to feel good!

I want to emphasize that this challenge is not about being skinny or have a crazy six pack. It's all about the vibes ~ We want to feel good and help our stomach to look beautiful. Curves don't hurt anyone and we shouldn't aim on looking beyond thin!

Each body reacts in a total different way - some may get crazy abs or such from exercises like the ones I show you in a second, others just tone their bodies a bit and help them to get back in shape. Point b is exactly what I like - say yes to curves ~

Enough intro talk. You get the message!
Now let's see what this challenge is about.

You get four sections - I call them A, B, C, D. Each section consists of 6 exercises. Each exercise should last 60 seconds and after you are done with round one, you repeat it twice, so in total you have three sets. Clear? Perfect!

Day 1 you will do A, day 2 you will do B and so on - every 4 days, the cycle starts again. If you want to, you could also do B, D, A, C - A, A, B, D or whatever you feel like. The reason why I created four sections is to keep you motivated and spice the routines up.
I basically collected the very best workouts for your belly section and at the end of the month you can decide which ones you liked  and what can be the perfect exercise which you can include in your daily sessions in the future.

Does this sound good to you? Here's the plan.
I bet there's a lot of stuff you already heard about. Nothing crazy and yes, no burpees! I hate burpees...
Create your days how you want to! Add a little running or essential stretches to your routines and then you will have a very successful March. If you need any guidance when it comes to each exercise, you can hit up Youtube or Google - no worries!

Any questions so far?
I hope you are as much excited as I am! Let's do this together and I promise we will have so much fun these next four weeks!
If you happen to participate, make sure to use the hashtag #absolutely on Twitter or Instagram.
I will surely share my ups and downs with you and I will tweet about the challenge how much I can. Connect with me and tweet me if you need any help or extra motivation!

Hugs to everyone out there! You are stronger than you think ~ Happy challenge to you, you, and you! x K