7:58 AM I am writing this with the sorest butt I ever had, lol – it fits perfectly today. Yesterday I did a 3 hour bike ride, since I am still on my running break, but I figured out how to have fun being active without running (for a little bit at least…). It’s no secret: I am so happy to soon be running again ~

Last month, to kick off the new year in the most perfect way ever, I started a new challenge called “Butt I care”. Maybe you saw it, maybe you participated, maybe you haven’t heard of it – it’s all good, I explain it one more time.

I guess this was the easiest challenge I ever did. Before I planned it, I wasn’t sure if those exercises are enough or if it’s not challenging anyone out there, but after 31 days, I was really happy about the result and the feelings throughout the weeks!
31 days of getting down, touch the ground, and flex that booty – ahhh, I love it!! Tell me. Who doesn’t love a great booty? It is my favorite part of my body and I love looking at great behinds on the street, too, so what? I know how much work you need to put into the booty workout, so I celebrate everyone with a beautiful behind!

Challenge after challenge, I try to focus on something else or spice it a little bit up. I knew it was time to dedicate a challenge to the booty. Here and there, I included some exercises for the glutes, but I actually “ignored” that body part for most of my challenges! During running, my booty gets enough attention, I thought…

So last month, I was ready to spend extra time with this fella. Each day, was a good day. I tried to keep it different from day to day, since boring routines are not motivating – I feel you! From basic squats, to sumo squats, or squats with leg raises – you needed to go through everything! I’m not sorry, lovebirds. Don’t get me wrong, normal or basic squats are the bomb, but once you tried different variations, you will never do the standard things again. My dear favorite is the sumo squat, since this exercise helps you to also keep the inner thighs in form. If you like it a bit more intense, try the plié squats on your tippy toes and your calves will thank you!

Now what can I say after this challenge?
Oh boy, I love squats, and even after 31 days of going low, I am still addicted to my daily booty session. I didn’t want to stop at the end of the month, so I continued and I am still doing it today. Yes, yes! After the first week, I already noticed that my muscle tissues were working and I felt sore almost one whole week! I learned that sore muscles are a pain in the ass (literally), but if you don’t feel the burn, then you do something wrong – so remember a sore feeling is a good feeling ~ After my soreness, my butt was ready to go beyond its limits and no one could stop me. I asked my sister to grab my butt a couple of times and she noticed a big change!

It feels strong, it’s thick (sorry for that word…) and it feels wonderful. I can’t even describe it right, but yeah, I feel confident and good!

Squats are one of the easiest exercises, but they have such an impact on making your behind to a juicy apple or whatever fruit you like.

Try it and treat your body! You won’t sweat like crazy – I promise! But you will smile so much when you see the results!

*By the way: one reason of my success here is definitely due to my nutrition! I do workouts every day and I eat super healthy right now, since I try to get rid of my Christmas cookie coma, haha. If you happen to eat normal which means no diet or anything like that, results may appear a bit later and not right in the moment. Just remember: each body is different! Don’t get frustrated when you don’t see a change after a week! It’s all about becoming stronger & this might take a while! Just don’t lose your focus, lovebirds ~

If you are bored right now and you want to have fun this February, try the squat challenge - there's always time for a squat! Push yourself out of your comfort zone and join me ~

Tell me about your current workout! Any new routines added to yours? Did you join my last challenge? I can’t wait to hear from you!