Mittwoch, Februar 22

2:59 PM Wake up what? Metabolism is a word you read everywhere and people out there figure out how to deal with it in a better or easier way. Okay...what is metabolism and why do I need to care? First question above anything else: do I really need to care about this issue here? Does this effect me?

To cut a long story short: yes, yes, yes.

Okay, for those who don't know about metabolism, I will try to explain it to you as simple as that: Metabolism helps us exist in the best form ever. It is transforming food to energy which helps our cells to reproduce themselves - keeping ourselves fresh, basically. It elminates all kinds of nitrogenous wastes and therefore we can grow, develop, and maintain as human beings.
For this bio-chemistral reaction, we have to support our bodies to have a steady working flow - all clear until here?

Pretty easy, right? We all know that nasty food or habits make our system slow and we feel certain effects coming with that. What we all desire is a healthy life with a good working body and during our busy schedules, we sometimes forget or ignore the things we should include into our lifestyles to help our bodies the best way we can.

I figured some things out which help me a lot to boost my system and I see positive effects coming with it along as well. Check out my top three - an easy guide to include something into our lifestyles which is too easy, but our bodies will thank us beyond!

Tell me about your secrets! Let's Exchange ~

Wake up early in the morning, yes, your body will love it! Start your day with a big breakfast (don't eat 5 donuts...) and make sure you fuel your body right. To explain it further: As soon as you wake up, your body energy is low - create a breakfast which makes you full and this throughout the morning hours. Eat oatmeal, eggs, or whatever is high in protein and fiber! Add some tea and water and your body starts working right away. Just don't make the mistake of waking up and wait with your breakfast for 2 hours. Your body needs food right away (yey to that!).

Kind of. Sounds weird, but there's no better way to describe this beneficial symbiosis. I added green tea to my tea selection when I started being more healthy plus active. I loved it so much that I celebrated (still do) my cup of green more than once during the day. The good thing is that I can enjoy it throughout the year: during winter - super hot & during summer - iced with a splash of Lemon. If you are already into green tea, upgrade your tongue, test diverse flavors such as matcha. All of those greenies contain catechin which is our metabolism's best helper out there. It improves fat oxidation plus thermogenesis - to say it simple: the result of catechin being inside our system creates energy! While it helps converting fat, we win a lot of energy. Et voilà - this is what we want, right? *Due to this fact, green tea is always recommended for losing weight. Try this energy boost and feel fresh and powerful.

Being lazy on the couch is a dream, but movement plays a huge part when it comes to a healthy metabolism and digestion. When we feel full or we basically ate too much, we sit down and do anything to not move. This, on the other hand, makes us tired and slow. Let's add a missing hydration and this puts you on a pause modus - the metabolism is sleeping or such. You have to keep in mind: all our organs, the brain, anything inside of us needs enough energy and oxygen to perform in its best way possible! So what is an easy way to give our body, the cells, the whole system the needed energy? Work out! You don't need to go crazy...let your heart beat for a little bit, sweat and feel your body creating energy. With being active, you build muscles in your body - each muscle is a working element which benefits your metabolism. This means the more muscles, the more energy can be produced. Even better, while you practise and work your butt off, you will also add hydration to your routine, since working out makes you thirsty. So here we got the perfect circle of two boosters working together - check. After a workout, your metabolism is ready to work!! Perfect!

I like to know things like that which are so easy to include in our hectic lives. Of course there's more  which helps you kick ass your metabolism, but I believe those easy steps will help you without any efforts. Try them or write them down to remember yourself whenever you need an energy kick. Give your body the needed energy and be happy ~
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