2:27 PM Today I woke up and I welcomed our first little snow chaos...The last snow I experienced was in NYC and New Jersey - it was ugly! The snow on the east coast is something different, but I was happy to see my warm city being covered in powdered sugar today! Winter is finally here...

Right now I am thinking about escaping again. I don't want to be somewhere warmer, I want to walk down NY's streets and neighborhoods - that's it. 
This love story here will never end and I always get so excited to talk about New York and that's why I start this first Monday of 2017 with a new favorite place of mine: Rice to riches

While my very first times in NYC consisted of "I only want to eat pizza and go to Dunkin Donuts!", my inside is now screaming for more! I still haven't tried the original NY cheesecake (I'm picky.), but I love seeing cool places with new innovations or classical American finger licking food.

My last trip was mixed with a lot of new food experiences or simple stuff like the sweetest mangos which were sold by even sweeter Mexican bellezas around the corner. While my breakfast always goes into one and the same direction, I wanted to at least try one "crazy thing". 
On my early morning walk, while Nolita was still sleeping, I found Rice to Riches, which was literally 1 minute away from where I stayed. I noticed the place before, but I had no idea what was inside. "I need to go and check this out!!!". 

The shop's name was already too good, so I really needed to take a further look.  I entered the place and a cool interior was pleasing my eyes. A lot of white and orange and then I already saw a pretty lady who was more than ready to  give me all of her crazy rice. Yes, this place is all about rice, sweet rice, rice pudding or as we call it in Germany, milk rice. Where am I?!  Did I mention that I hate milk rice or rice pudding? Haha, there I was... 
I read all the funny quotes which you can find in the entry and then I checked the different flavors: banana, cheesecake, chocolate chip, rocky road, and so many crazy things! Since the girl behind the bar was so sweet, I told her that one flavor intrigued me since I am a huge cinnamon freak. She gave me a spoon to try it right in front her eyes. Oh god, is she serious?! She will watch me do funny faces after I tried my most hated dessert... I took the spoon and imagined it to be pizza. 
OHHHH EM GEE! This is American rice pudding?! This is beyond good! I was laughing so hard, I bet the girl was a bit confused while she prepared my order. I went with "French Toast" (you see I got a thing for it...) and it really tasted like one! You can chose different size portions and I decided to go with the smallest (which is really enough!). I think I payed around 9$ which hurts a little bit, but the good thing is that the box and spoon you receive are reusable, so I took them home with me! I'm using the box now as my snack apple box, haha, but I will always have the best memory about this place! 

I took the rice pudding with me to the hotel room where it was gone after a few minutes, haha! Next time I will definitely try crazier flavors and I can't wait to collect more boxes! 
If you want a different kind of breakfast and you like all kind of flavors, make sure to check out Rice to Riches!