10:58 PM “Oh while I live, to be the ruler of life, not a slave, to meet life as a powerful conqueror, and nothing exterior to me will ever take command of me.”  - Walt Whitman

I said it a couple of times already. I don’t really call myself a feminist. I never cared about that term…maybe because I was raised that both, men and women, are equal and there is no “better than…”.

I was raised by beautiful women around me…my family didn’t force me to be a cliché kind of girl and I grew up more on being a little tomboy who can always decide whether it’s time to dress up or speak up my mind.

I read a lot. I have always been into education. I studied history where I learned mostly history and conquering stories from men which inspired me. I always took inspiration from both sex, men and women, and I didn’t feel the need to put one sex above the other. It’s true…as a girl, one doesn’t have as many female role models as one wishes, but throughout the years, I got to know pretty characters, personalities, and old historian figures which had the power to inspire and make me act as well.

In high school I got bullied. While my grandma had a “fuck everyone attitude”, my mom taught me to be respectful with all the people around me – also girls and the people who bullied me.  I hated being around girls, because the hate and negative vibes were killing me. It was my look, the things that I liked, and my personality which separated me from the boring “cool girls club” at my school. There were too many days where I cried and I was hoping to have a normal social life in the future. I was confused, I was lost. I didn’t know where my place was and furthermore I didn’t know if I ever think as positive about girls as the media or other people do.

Being in my 20s now, I learn more about being a woman. My body changed, I am obviously a woman now…I took responsibility of so many things in my daily life, I am obviously a grown woman now. I find myself in a committed relationship…I am obviously no longer a child. I am a woman. I got the same issues just like you…and  yeah, there are days where I feel that it is really hard to get appreciation or other values, which are given to boys on a shiny golden tray.

I always worked hard and I believe in inspiring other people around me: boys and girls. It is sad to see that today, women, no matter where on this planet, work as hard as I do, and they don’t get any appreciation either. We work so hard, but our rights are still struggling to be accepted and most importantly heard. This issue even goes beyond. Women are still treated like 50 (or even more) years ago…Can we just live?

America’s newest president created this beautiful debate and rage which makes us scream out loud, whether you want to hear it or not. It is time to stop this ignorant being and make our voices count. Again, my heart feels sad that we have to go on a march to show the people that we exist and our rights belong to us, but at the same time, something in my body needed this moment.

Appreciation is respect and respect is love ~ it's easy to practice this!

I still recognize a lot of female pressure, no matter what industry. Girls love to compete with each other and there is so much anti-thinking which makes me throw up every day, believe me.

Coming to New York, I learned such a warm love of sisterhood and a spirit we need to cherish more. Those marches are also needed to wake up one another! No matter if this is a signal for Donald Trump or simple minded females…sisterhood needs sisters! We need to love more, respect, encourage, and especially educate!

This current imbalance is not acceptable. It’s time to make certain people belief in us and destroy those anxieties no matter the skin color, sex, religion, or even disabilities.

I feel proud that women all around the world feel inspired today. They feel the urge to go outside and spread the word and I am happy that my friends over there fight for our rights and our dignity! ~ At the same time I create absurd thoughts…I'm worried to have a daughter one day who will grow up in such a confused world. I am not ready yet to explain this so wrong system to a little girl which I want to protect with all of my heart. I don't know what to do...

I breathe in and I think.

So far, until today, I am  proud to be a woman. I really am!

I feel empowered to rule the world! Those emotions will stay forever and I hope this march is only the beginning! I will do anything to keep on fighting and protect what is so important and I will try stop the fear which is all around me to conquer my thoughts. There is no place for fear. Dear self, dear sisters – we can do this!

GO SISTERS! ~ & please keep on fighting!

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