12:13 PM Are you into new year's resolutions? I have to admit that I loved to sit down and think about things I would love to accomplish in the next 365 days. The famous resolution to lose weight and do more sports was directly deleted out of my system. Each year, people go nuts thinking they will be a different person in the new year coming: no carbs, no sugar, no fun, no nothing - going hard, no matter what. I noticed that this mentality is not good for me. The last two years or such, I tell myself each year: good job, keep going. I changed my nutrition a bit (or let's say I added a few funky things to it) and I am more active than ever in my life. With this attitude and behavior, I don't disappoint myself when I notice that my resolutions are all puffy clouds which will always float around me without realizing them.

Don't get me wrong. I have a lot of respect for people who do this out of the nowhere. Motivating oneself and kick ass to have the best year ever! If you succeed and your resolutions work out - congrats! High five! I am just a believer of not putting pressure on yourself, because you have to imagine that this journey will take a Little bit and the most important thing here is to maintain the fun! Without fun, we get frustrated fast...Patience is also the key, but who's patient, haha?

Last year, I sat down in June to think about the things I already did and which things I desperatly want to achieve in 2016. I wrote a bucket list and this morning I finally checked it again to see if I did some things of it. It said: More love, more creating, New York, Paris, more running, more yes.
Those goals seem pretty easy and I can say that I did all of them in a pretty good way.
You may notice that I love to use the word "more" - it seems like I am never satisfied with what I have. Always more. Wrong.
I try to remember myself to do more of the things I take for granted. More yes, for example, because I love to be in my comfort zone. More love - maybe towards the people around me, my better half...strangers? Those things are so simple, but they mean a lot.

I loved those bucket list goals and I will take care of them this year as well!

2017 will be the year of more. You can do this, too!

More love, more passion, more crazy things, more fun, more laughter, more travelling, more going out of your comfort zone, more food, more healthy things, more trying, more experimenting, more learning, more growing, more sleeping, more body care, more self-confidence, more self-love, more music, more art, more routines, more air, more light, more nature, more sports, more listening, more acting, more being active, more understanding, more happiness. Shall I stop?

You know what I'm doing today? I will go out, be nice to strangers, smile although I am freezing my ass off and I am definitely buying things at the grocery store which I don't know. Why? Why not. Walk with me. New experiences are awesome! You don't know what you are missing right now...

What will you Change 2017? Any resolutions or ideas? Wishes? Dreams? Please share ~