9:35 PM I hope everyone had a smooth start into the new year! I celebrated from my sofa with a lot of bad food and Grandmaster Flash - the perfect night, if you ask me! While my better half is celebrating a couple of hours after me, since we don't live on the same continent, I didn't have a lot to do. I thought I might be creating something. There is a certain thing running through my mind for a couple of months now...

I started to read and learn more about our oceans and the plastic issue which many people still love to ignore! There are current movements, which praise our environment and they also encourage to chose a sustainable way of living by cutting waste and plastic in any form. I was one of the people who thought that my plastic waste won't destroy our planet...I believed that those issues won't ever have an effect on me, so I don't care. 

After reading more about it, my curiosity made me want to act. Being a writer in this online world is not only a hobby, it is also a becoming a duty of mine to tell you about things which people don't care about or such. I love inspiring, talking about the things that I love to see or do, but I also feel like we need to discuss things which are obvious. This doesn't include Gucci's new campaign or my beloved sneakers which come in a new colorway...I could talk about this, too, which I do, but I want us to understand that there is more. More life. 

I am a fan of Parley and I love every organisation or club which deals with our oceans and the pollution which destroys so much! I already talked about plastic in our oceans and the consequences which we will have to deal with. Our oceans suffer and they will die if we don't take any action now. 

2017 will be the year where I will take action.

I am not satisfied to only write about this. I want us to focus on those issues more. Include my ideas into your daily life...try to be an example for your friends and family and let's help our nature again! Stop with all the destroying action...be active and give Mother Nature more than a hug.

My goal for this year is to raise awareness plus money for ocean organisations, just like Parley and diverse ocean clean-ups. There are so many cool human beings across the world, who dedicate their daily lives to helping our oceans (THANK YOU)! Companies start to understand how to recycle right and new technologies promise a great future of dealing with unnecessary plastic. I feel good things coming...

Have a heart and think about how much plastic each of us is using. We don't need all of that and our oceans shouldn't suffer just because of our stupid behavior. Enough is enough. Less plastic, more life! Please head over to my fundraising site where you can read all of this one more time! Leave a couple of dollars or euros (minimum is 1€, so...) and support this important issue! 

Will you save the oceans with me?! 

*the fundraising will happen all through the year: Jan 1st - Dec 31st 2017! Let's make this a special year for our oceans! Happy 2017 ~