Dienstag, Januar 17

8:54 AM One thing I was missing the last couple of weeks was color. I'm actually always happy to wear black, but during the cold and snowy days, I was really looking forward to mix in some colors as soon as the temperatures go higher again.
Now that the snow is finally gone, I can wear my latest sneaker love without worrying. The Nike Air Max Tuned Premium is beyond sexy, don't you think? I am lately so much into red and adding more color into my wardrobe, so Foot Locker was just treating me at the right time (Thank you once again!!! Best birthday gift!)

While I wore the shoes already with my beloved black wardrobe (perfect to highlight them), I decided to fight the cold with an all red outfit! I think I have never seen so much color on myself, but somehow I loved it! Puffy jackets are actually not my thing, but I thought this model would totally rock this outfit - so here I go: Puff Daddy for the day.

Spring will definitely bring more color...I can't wait! I also can't wait to wear my Nike's with this beautiful night maroon color when my legs have a little bit more of color. Sexy times are ahead of us ~

What do you think about the sneakers? Do you have a current favorite pair?

MY OUTFIT Air Max Tuned Premium - Nike (Gift from Foot Locker) right here, a different colorway right here / Chinos - old, similar here or here / Puff jacket - my mom's, similar here or here / sunglasses - Forever 21, similar here or here
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