6:07 PM I am not a politics freak, but I do care about the things which happen around me. The older I get, the more I want to learn about those things and the people who are in charge of certain power. Obama had a huge impact on me and I guess I am not the only one who was (and forever will be) inspired by this awesome human being!
2016 was such a great year. Hillary brought so much strength and positive vibes to women all around the world - she was the king (in my world), I swear. I was so much in my Hillary cloud that I somehow ignored the fact that those new elections mean that Obama will leave soon.

Weeks passed and now we finally reached this last week: Obama will be history soon!
I still don't want to accept this situation. I still celebrate Barack to the fullest...and I hope everything will be fine.
I got stomachache writing those words and I am honest: I'm nervous. The future might be dark or bright - is there something in between?

I am sharing many cool Obama pics on my Instagram Story lately, but I feel like no word, picture, or emotion can capture what I really feel right now. Is it ok to feel lost? Shall we all calm down and see what happens? I'm yet undecided. (How about you?)

Barack, although I am not a citizen of your country, I am a deeply admiring visitor and believer in the things you preach on a daily basis. I am proud to have witnessed this moment of history - you becoming the first black president of the United States - a moment I won't ever forget. I am happy to just look at you, hear you talking and at the same time making giant steps to make this world a better place. No one has done so many great things and I even respect you more for being a crazy #oceanpresident ~ high five. You were the motivation for my studies...and you opened my eyes for so many different things. One day, I even wrote you a letter...the lady at our post office looked at me as if I was joking, but I wished she would have seen the answer I got from the White House. I'm touched. More than in an emotional way. I will forever be grateful and I hope someone just like you will move Donald in 4 years away. Thank you, B. ´

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